How Much Bandwidth Could Allen Save

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Hi All,

Newbies V Experienced Warriors

Can I say I just love this forum. I haven't been a member long and I have found you all to be really helpful and for that I thank you.

I usually come on here for a short while just to search for and get help on any problems I may have (I also try to give a little back if I can).

However the last couple of weeks if I have had any spare time I have tended to pop on here for maybe a hour. There is some compelling reading on here. Having spent time on here just browsing I have noticed that there does tend to be a Newbie v Experienced Warriors type of thing going on. I can imagine this is probably not a new thing but it does make me laugh sometimes.

You get newbies complaining about WSO's etc. then you have the more experienced warriors complaining about the newbies who complain about WSO's.

I am not siding with anyone here but it really is funny when you visit the forum and on the front page see 2 different threads on the same topic showing different complaints from different types of our members.

It just got me wondering that if the mods went and deleted every thread that was just someone having a rant about something and not really being a constructive thread how much bandwidth Allen would save. Mind you I imagine we would have to double the number of mods to cope with the workload.

Maybe it's just me and maybe I haven't been a member long enough to have certain things affect me but wouldn't it be better if we kept the rants and moans of the forum.

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    Quite frankly I could care less how much bandwidth Allen saves or uses. The man makes $40 big ones EVERY time WSO is launched or bumped. I'm sure he covers his costs and then some.

    And I'm not even angry about it. If I was in his position I would do the same. He has created a whole culture behind this site and literally laughs all the way to the bank.

    Strangely enough, most of us understand the concept behind OZ yet we continue to support it! How many of us would love that kind of evangelist following?
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