Anyone got experience with their own Record Label?

by JB
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Hi All,
I've got a music website with 30K members and am looking at ways to monetise things. I'm thinking about providing a record label to sign talent from the site but have no experience in this area. It would be great if I could white label to an existing label but again, I've no experience in this area. If any Warriors have set up their own online label I would love to hear how they got on or if anyone has any advice on how I could plug into an existing system that would be even better.
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    Setting up your own label does sound a really cool idea, however wouldn't it cost you money to do so? Wouldn't you have to pay the musicians to sign with you?

    Why don't you offer music downloads on the site where you can make money through affiliate commissions? Or possible offer tickets to concerts from Ticketmaster and generate cash through their affiliate program.

    If you really did want to start your own record label then I would suggest approaching it down the YouTube rout. Get people signed to you, they sing a song, you then edit it and do what producers do. Create a video and put it on YouTube. Then if there is a good response to the music you could get the songs on iTunes for people purchase.

    Thats just my ideas, im sure you can think of some better ones...
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      I've already got around 150,000 original tracks uploaded by users to my site so sourcing the content isn't the problem. In terms of digital distribution I'd be thinking more along the lines of licensing, providing copyright protection and royalty agreements and then pushing the signed tracks onto download point like amazon, itunes, spotify etc. The difficult part for independent musicians is in getting their tracks onto those sales points but a label can do it automatically once they are set up. That's my limited overview idea - still looking into how to make it all work though! Thanks for the reply:-)
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    Thats okay, thought I would just try and give you some ideas.

    Was looking through YouTube when i cam across guys like Tyler Ward and Boyce Avenue.

    Is there any way you could set this up for your users? Make them pay an initial fee and you will create their site, YouTube Channel and music on iTunes?Or as you said form a Royalty agreement.

    I personally think you could have a little goldmine on your hands if you handle it the right way!
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    Since you already have the content then you basically are the label already. Sell via cdbaby, itunes, etc. Just set up some sort of agreement so the artists get paid as well. Many of the download sites/etc pay quarterly so it could be a while before you see returns.
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