Could I bother someone to look at my site

by carolf
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and see if the adsense ad`s are showing up on my sidebar.

I asked someone, not here, a few days ago and he said he could see them fine but I cant see them... its not the big long vision board ad, the adsense ads should show up above my search button.

woudl be so grateful ....
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    EDIT: There is one 200x200 graphic ad for a Hot Tub, which by the way is an enticing thought ... I need a hot tub!

    But it's below the search bar.

    Hope that helps,

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    Dont see any either. Maybe they went up in smoke :-) Ok stupid joke i know :-) Good luck
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    I don't see any AdSense ads above the search box either. I took a look at the page source too and didn't see any reference to AdSense between your profile/bio and the search box.

    I hope that is some help...
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    Yes i see the graphic google ad below the subscribe button.
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    thanks guys you are all brilliant

    sorry I should have said its below the search box...... Art thanks millions, it sure is an entincing thought, however I added a plugin to make the ads relevant and they are not terribly relevant but hey its a start

    cheers peeps much appreciateed
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    i see an ad below the subscribe button...from google.

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    Joseph I am taking that onboard as Iam reading Google grinder picked up from the awesome war room earlier and now I have bothered you all, I am going to move it.

    ho hum bubble gum I love this place to bits
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  • hi carol ,
    just checked your site , a PR 4 homepage and i can see that hot tub add under the subscription form .clean and classy design .
    a small suggestion just to enhance the SEO of your site -you have placed too much H1 tags In you website , i think its in the Header or footer of your website .Excessive use of H1 tags is not a good seo practice , you might want to have a look on that

    Best regards
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    organic thank you so much for you input... I dont really understand what you mean and could you possibly explain it to me. I google H1 tags and I cant find a straight forward explantion of an H1 tag....
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    Hi Carol,
    Your site is Nice,simple and easy to read. Although I tried it on safari and chrome browsers and I can't see the ad you were referring to. Yes I could see you have 33 H1 Tags in your home page but I would leave it as is.
    I do recommend not changing anything from your HOME page as you might lose your Pagerank 4 (that's what happened to me).
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    Hi Carol.........I couldn't see the Adsense in your sidebar either....but I just wanted to commend you on your the concept! I am a Life Coach and haven't set up my real estate yet online.....

    I love that, happiness coach....continued success!!

    What is she walking in?

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    MLB def not changing anything lol cos I dont understand the HI tag.... another thing to add to my to list ....understand H1 tagging phew.....

    Terri ......AWESOME a fellow coach weee heeeee I am a happiness coach

    they told me to get a niche and it took me ages but then it just happend one day, I knew my niche. I have done 2 firewalks in my life and I encourage my clients to do them to burst out of their limiting beliefs.... thats fire and coals in the image

    the site is getting an upgrade very soon
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