What Mailing List Manager Do You Use?

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Hey Warriors,

Just had a few questions about the kind of mailing list manager you use or seek to use.

1. What mailing list manager do you use?

2. Is there some other solution that you tried in the past? If yes, what was good or bad about it compared to the present solution?

3. What specific features do you like the most about your current solution?

4. What do you think is lacking in the mailing list manager that you're using?

6. If given a better choice, will you consider switching to a different solution, and if not, why?

8. If you want to pick a different mailing list manager, what would be your main concern?

9. If given a choice between a self-hosted and managed mailing list manager like AWeber and MailChimp; which one would you prefer and why?

10. Have you ever tried a self hosted mailing list manager, if yes what was it and how was your experience?

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    That's a lot of questions. Can I just suggest that a managed mailing list manager is the way to go, and that the best one is Aweber. If not Aweber, second option is GetResponse, otherwise go with Imnica Mail. Other people might be able to address each of your questions more thoroughly, but there are my 2 cents.

    Please read the forum rules.

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    I use Mailchimp, and I think it's great. We've connected right into their API, to dynamically create various groups with the system. I can send emails to just my clients, or just the trial users, or even really obscure settings.

    First 2000 emails/10000 mails/month is free.

    I'm the publisher of Universe Today and co-founder of the Keyword Strategy content marketing tool.

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      Can anyone who has used both comment on the positives and negatives of aweber over mail chimp?

      I have a few small amazon review sites and I'm looking to start capturing emails from one of them and set up a short autoresponder sequence.

      With mail chimp am I able to automatically have addresses removed from my list after the end of the sequence (say 7 emails or so?).

      I basically just want a way of following up people after they visit my site to try and catch them in the buying cycle. Long term doesn't matter too much in this particular niche.

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    I've read in a couple of other threads that MailChimp doesn't let you send out affiliate type offers with their email service. Be sure you read their TOS or search the forum for other MailChimp threads.
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    MailChimp over Imnica or anything else if you want to upload your old mailinglist. Aweber if you are just starting out. But nothing beats self-hosted in my humble opinion. It's just more of a pain in the ass to manage. In that case I'd go for ActiveCampaign and use something like smtp.com as your smtp.
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    Thanks for the input guys! Some more answers from other warriors would definitely be helpful.
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