Warriors please critique my business plan for a mens lifestyle site.

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Hi all.

I started a blog a few years ago to promote my local business and to my surprise it has several number one google spots and my mailing list is growing. My expertise is in mens dating issues.

I was thinking of starting a blogsite based around men's issues focusing on the 18-35 demographic. I was thinking it would be similar to askmen, or artofmanliness dot com A niche self help lifestyle blog.

My plan is this. Write high quality, well researched articles and include unique design elements. Start a subscriber list and sell advertising and or amazon or affilliate products.

I would also focus on backlinks by interacting with other bloggers and through places like reddit. I would also like to make you tube videos.

So article ideas would be like:

How to text girls
How to be focused
How to be good at sex
How to get a cool job
How to win at every video game

The difference is I will go more niche than askmen, which is very broad, and focus more on the sort of guy me and my friends are. Also it will be based off entertainment as well as self help. So it's not just a typical "How to get girls" type site.

My goal is to make a really cool site with great, entertaining content and make $100,000 a year off the site.

If anyone has any tips or experience here, please help me out. Thanks!
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    I PERSONALLY think you'd be better off seeing if you can target one of those mentioned articles above, such as "How to Text Girls"

    There are HUNDREDS of people trying to do what you're going to do (and failing) and I can't see what's different about your plan to theirs.

    Have a think about targeting a specific subniche in the men's lifestyle niche to see if you can succeed with that first.
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    This idea sounds cool. You could also have tips on fashion, exercising, grooming etc. to look your best to impress women.
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    Looks good I really hope those aren't your keywords though
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    Good idea? Really. Sorry Sebastion, but I really don't class this as a good idea. I think the people replying there are doing so to increase their post count.

    A good idea is using an Original unique concept OR a way to improve a current business.

    What you've done is basically copy AskMen and every other Men's Lifestyle site (GQ.com etc)

    It would be like me saying "What do you think of this: I'm going to create the worlds biggest auction site in the world, but it won't be like ebay because it will have more categories".


    I just don't want to see you wasting your time and money on building up a site with great content etc but then realize it's not gonna make money.

    Target a smaller sub niche, if you succeed with that, then build a list with that site, treat them well, and repeat with a few more sub niches in the men's lifestyle niche.

    And then, when you have a few decent sized lists, you could build a big Men's Lifestyle site and market it to your lists to get a good stream of traffic etc.

    Good luck whatever path you take mate.
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    Wow, there is a lot of negativity in this thread, and it's mosty unwarranted.

    Sebastion- As you already know, you are diving into a competitive niche, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for you there. If you do it right, you could easily build a "men's lifestyle"-type niche site which easily makes you six figures.

    Do keep in mind that if you want to compete with sites like AskMen, there is going to be a sizable upfront cost in doing so. AskMen is a professionally run site and company with a 7-figure net income and more than a dozen employees. The site is regularly updated with professional, well-researched articles, polls, and videos unique to the site. It truly is a well-run, professional machine and it took a fair amount of money and time to get it there.

    My advice: Start small, and outsource where you can. Know your strengths, and find out what your readers want to read and learn about. Skim through AskMen for ideas. Update your content regularly, and don't focus on researching and exploring every single keyword your articles are about. Design the site to be attractive, convenient, and clutter-free. Keep up with your list, and also integrate social media into the mix.

    Good luck with this venture, Sebastion. I love AskMen's site and there is definitely room for more sites like it.
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    I'm not being negative if that's targeted at me. I just don't want Sebastion to be lured into believing that he can easily make 6 figures competing with Ask Men.

    It's not like I've said, don't do it and left it. I've given him options on how to start it without the millions of dollars budget.

    It's all about being cruel to be kind.
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      All of your concerns and tips are very valid. That's why I'm on here to learn. I know ask men is massive and have a huge budget. I'm thinking of being much more niche. Just not sure how yet.

      Have you looked at artofmanliness dot com?

      They are more niched towards hipsters and apparently they are only two people. They have 111,000 subscribers! They must make money.
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    Lot of view exchanges, but the idea really worth i guess.. . If you are really willing to get up with this blogging, you can earn money.

    Here is another topic that could get you many prospective parents planning to get a child as a traffic source and the topic is "conceive a baby boy".
    Good Luck
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    I think you need to get on Google's Keyword Tool and see what keywords there are you could rank for.

    Look for keywords with at least a few thousand exact searches a month and low competition in the men's lifestyle niche.
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    Teach men how to attract, build rapport, and then seduce. I was thinking of tapping into this niche also. Send me a private message if you want to chat.
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    It's a good idea, but you have got to keep it super, super high quality.
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