How to make money as an affiliate of Shareasale?

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Hi the following warriors,
I want to know is there something different to making money as a Shareasale affiliate programs from other popular networks such as Clickbank, Paydotcom, Rapbank,...?
Thanks in advance.
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    No, there's nothing different. Promote products with an affiliate link.

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    Yes, it works the same way as other programs. You can also check the merchant history as some of the merchants leave shareasale or have low funds in their account or are no longer active. It is good to check this as well from time to time to make sure the links go to programs that are reputable.

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    It's no different from other affiliate programs. Use affiliate links to promote the products.
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    ShareASale is great because you can easily create custom links to any page on the merchant's site. I'm sure other networks enable this, but it's easy with ShareASale's custom link creator. I use many affiliate networks and SAS is one of my favorites.
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      CP, PDC, RAPB are all digital affiliate networks. With SAS you get physical products. One thing you'll notice is that not all merchants have good sales pages, so you often will have to do more pre-selling.

      Also, make good use of SAS's custom link creation feature to make affiliate links targeted to exactly the page you want, so you can pre-sell a product and send the prospect directly to the product page.

      For example: Let's say you're promoting Vitamin C in a blog post about avoiding winter colds. In the post, you tell your readers that not all Vit C is made the same and that you highly recommend Natural Factors because they make a very high quality chewable tablet with the most effective ingredients. Then, you tell them that they can get it delivered quickly and cheaply from iHerb. Now, if you just link to iHerb, they'll have a hard time finding the product and you could lose that sale. But, by linking directly to the Natural Factors Vit C listing page on iHerb, you get much higher conversions.
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        Shareasale is one of those networks that is rarely talked about, but has a lot of hidden gems. It is a physical product network, so you wont see the high commissions like on clickbank, but physical products usually convert a lot better.

        As far as promotion, Kevin pretty much nailed it. Dig into it, there are a lot of good product on there.

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          I once sold some batteries through Sharesale that I made a commission on. That was years ago, and I never saw anymore sales. I should look back into Sharesale to find these hidden gems that you speak of.
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          Originally Posted by Tom Ryan View Post

          It is a physical product network, ...
          Actually they offer digital products as well.

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      I agree with this, I am a merchant
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