BOUNCE RATE - What is the maximum value to avoid slap?

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My sites are still surviving and converting with an average of 70% bounce rate. Any other opinion?
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  • I like this question. I'm not sure if it's possible to get a definitive answer to this though since it's part of Google's ranking algorithm that they don't divulge.

    But it would be interesting to hear guys who have a top of #1 rankings what their bounce rates are on the pages they're raking #1 for.

    I'll start:

    I've got a "sniper site" that has like 3 blog posts and gets about 14,000 visitors a month... It's ranking #1 for 3 or 4 valuable keywords. Bounce rate is a whopping 88%.

    Before you freak out, the reason the bounce rate is that high I believe is because I've got a video front and center with a call-to-action to visit my money site. I've also got banners and links all over it that send people directly to my money site (sales page)

    Essentially the whole goal of the site is to get people off that site and over to my money site (sales page) so I expect to have a high bounce rate.

    But the site has been ranking #1 for about 6 months so far and traffic continues to rise.
    From $0 to $15,000 a month?
    I'll tell you how I did it with just 1 Clickbank product.
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      I have a few sites just like InternetBusinessVelocity described and my highest bounce rate is currently 85% (it was as high as 88% but it came down a bit after changing a few things).

      I've heard it's something Google takes into consideration but I've never been slapped because of bounce rate. That's not to say it won't happen in the future of course, but for now it isn't something I've experienced.
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    Curious... wouldn't a site like Twitter have a REALLY high bounce rate since, technically, you're only accessing one page and the rest are exit links?
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    Please allow me to explain how it works to you.

    It all depends what your dead cat bounce ratio is.

    Here is how you calculate it.

    You take a cat up to the top floor of a 100 f0ot building and drop the cat off. Then you watch for the cat to hit the ground and see how many feet it bounces back up. That is the percentage that your site can bounce before getting slapped by Google.

    You may have to drop several cats off the building to get a reliable DCB average.

    But seriously, I seen a video by Matt Cutts recently where he said they do not take bounce rate into consideration for seo purposes when ranking sites. So I would not worry about it.
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