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Hi Warriors,
I really have no idea what else can I do. If you had experience with Amazon. de, kindly, please shed some light..

Well, the case is like this..I am not getting the cheque that they said they have sent. It has been dragged for about a year now (yes, you read that right! more than one year). Every time I report that I didn't receive the cheque, a customer service rep. will reply me that they will resend. And this process keep going on for a year. Each time I report that I didn't get the cheque, they will again reply that they will resend and the cheque never arrive.

And here's their latest reply:

Concerning your payments we already contacted our financial department several times.

Our financial department confirmed each time that the cheques were send to the address you mentioned.

Each time the mail came back as undeliverable.

There are two possibilities now.

You supply us wit an alternative address or you choose gift certificate as payment method.
I confirmed that the address given is correct and I'm receiving cheque from to the same address. So, I just don't understand why it was undelivered.

I have tried the first option they now mentioned - to give an alternative address but it didn't work. As for the gift certificate, I wonder if I bought a physical product, how they can deliver to me if they can't even send a document (the cheque) to me.

I asked them if payment can be made via Paypal but being turned down. The referral fee might not be a big sum but it means a lot to me. I was thinking of asking them to send by courier service. But I am not sure what they will reply next and how much is left if they were to deduct the courier fee from my referral fee.

Or is it possible that they transfer the fund to my or account instead? Anyone tried this?

Please Warriors...I really need some advice.

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    Well, nobody ever experienced this?
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    Warriors, please give me some input. Thank you.
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    This is very upsetting for you obviously and it is disturbing to hear that cannot solve it. Why not ring them and ask them to spell out for you what exactly they have put down as your address on the envelope? I know it sounds simple but this is where it is going wrong. Unless you live in an area where addresses regularly get confused by the Post Office. If Amazon have put down the correct address then the problem lies at this end, probably in your nearest sorting office. Hope this helps.

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    Yes, it's upsetting. I have tried both of his suggestion. Change address but still undelivered. About the 2nd option, if they can't send a document, how do I expect that they can send me the parcel if I chose to exercise the gift cert. on a physical item.

    Thanks anyway!
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