Marketing and the Lego Man: "No Real than You Are"

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"No Real than You Are"

That's what it says on the green fiberglass "T-Shirt" of the Giant 8 foot tall Lego Man known as "Ego Leonard" that washed up on shore on Siesta Key beach in Florida.

This has happened before on other shores as it turns out.

And, as it turns out "Ego Leonard" is the "alter Ego" of a certain Dutch Artist, who is no doubt getting a lot of traffic to his websites where he sells his paintings, books, and other art.

Genius really, at least in a marketing sense!

Think about it. It probably cost this artist a few hundred or a thousands dollars to build a fiberglass Lego man. Then he dumps them a few miles offshore from a rented boat and lets them float in. (or perhaps he just sets them on the shore to look like they washed up, saving even more money). The "cryptic" message adds a new internet "meme" to the mix - which of course pushes his site high up in the SERPS as well.

I cannot say it enough, but this is a brilliant marketing strategy!

So, what could you do to push your product, service, or other salable idea? Is there a "Giant Lego-Man" in your marketing strategy, or are you going to blend in with the background noise?
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    I like it David, it's different. It demonstrates the artists creativity and ability to think outside of the box to get people talking, to be noticed and to create a stirring of media interest in this artist.

    Over the years I've tried a few similar tactics myself.

    Many today just follow the herd, the majority of which are frightened of taking any risks at all. They follow everybody else in the same old boring patterns of advertising and marketing without adding any zest or excitement into the equation. Which is precisely why this tactic is working for this artist because he's prepared to do something which is completely different from the norm.


    Mark Andrews
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