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by .X.
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I'm looking for real businesses that do
Facebook the right way - in your opinion.

What do I mean?

People / businesses that post content you
feel compelled to follow and consume which
makes you more likely to do business with
them, if you haven't already.

I don't care what the niche is. I don't care
how many followers they have. (not
interested in the IM crowd, but if someone
does it REALLY well (most suck) then cool).

I'm simply looking for people who "get it"
and recognize A) people aren't there to have
pitch after pitch crammed down their throats
B) don't care about your politics and C) don't
care what you ate, how much you drank or
how cool you think you are because you mingle
with other over-inflated egos.

Here's a great example (no affiliation, I
discovered him through Jay Abraham) - I
think he does an awesome job of A) connecting
with people by sharing general details about
who his customers are and B) showing a wide
variety of uses for his product that most
people wouldn't consider.

Pole Barn Guru | Facebook

If I ever need a pole barn, he's the guy I call
first. ;-)

All the best to you - X

PS - Jay Abraham does a nice job too -
Jay Abraham | Facebook

Here's another, reluctantly added because it
*is* political (and does *NOT* reflect my political
POV). He invited me to friend him, likely because
he recognizes that controversy and debate
encourage conversation and activity (and I have
a hard time shutting up) - well played Congressman.

Les AuCoin | Facebook
#businesses #facebook

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