Monthly Progess Report- New Sales Record!

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After getting more focused with my efforts online I've managed to beat last months profits, with a new personal sales record for me. I've got along way to go but it's nice to see my efforts paying off a bit, and I'd like to share my progress with you guys since many of you have played a large role with your helpful and honest input...

October Net Profit Totals= $1,549
September profit = $1,000
August= around $500

I'm headed in the right direction!

Revenue Breakdown:

1) Fiverr= $1300

I definitely made more money than I thought I was going to from fiverr. The best part is that I complete 80% of this work while I'm at my day job ; ) It's about 2.5 hours per day of work total.

2) Personal training sales Book= $233

I sold less books than last month, 22 books versus 25 last month. But I've been selling my book on amazon @ $25 each (I net 10.75 per sale), and I also started selling the pdf version on ebay for ten bucks, so my profit per sale has increased a little bit for this one.

3) New Kindle book = $16

I've only sold three so far, but it's a start! I didn't get this book completed and selling on kindle until half-way through the month, so hopefully this number will get bigger this month. It's a book geared towards amazon authors and sellers, explaining ways to promote their product using nothing else but the features of the amazon web site.

4) My Personal training sales course = $0 : (

Actually I should say $-10 since I paid for the wbesite hosting this month. I still have some work to do to improve this site and I've been procrastinating with the changes as well as the marketing. (only getting 2 targeted visits a day!)

Goals for November:

I know the key to success is choosing a specific aspect of making money online and learning all there is on the subject and then applying it so...

1. I need to get off my lazy behind and start working on the P.T. Sales Course. I've already gotten some great advice from this forum, I just need act on it. It's my first info product, and more than the money I'm going to make from it, I want to get some experience with SEO, and other internet marketing strategies. So, I'll be using this as a learning tool as well as an additional source of revenue.

2. The other skill I want to work on developing is list-building. My other goal is to create a web site for my kindle book, and take the content from the book and turn it into a free course that I'll send via email. The book is marketed towards indie authors, basically ways to promote their book using the amazon web site.

3. ??? I don't what else yet, but I'll think of something!

I'm going to make $2,000 this month, so it's time to get to work!

Thanks again for everyone's help. My ultimate goal is to make $10,000 per month from my online efforts, and this forum is gonna help me get there!
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