When did you begin to outsource?

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Hi all!

I know the question is pretty broad, and depends upon several factors (such as financial situation, writing / designing skill etc), but at what point did you warriors decide to outsource.

I'm thinking that, although my monthly profits from my website aren't great, if I outsource to article writers / SEO / Webdesigners (not all at the same time, and at cheap prices) I will increase my ROI, even though I am spending more.

I'm in a position where I can afford to invest some money into IM monthly, but I don't want to outsource everything (mainly because it's become an addictive hobby :rolleyes!

What do you think warriors? To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question !

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    I think that if you have set up a system whereby you know that it works and you know that it provides a certain level of income, it's good to outsource as long as you have the financial stability to handle it.

    If you find that the system works but it just needs scaling up in order to become a greater success, then - for me - that's the time when I begin to outsource.

    I tend to make sure that a project is making stable money (over a series of months) and then I set aside some of that money in order to move everything up a notch by outsourcing some tasks.

    I don't think that there's one magic answer to this question - it also depends on your strengths and what you feel you are good at. I, for example, like writing so I do most of that myself; unless I need anything in particular that I don't have time to work on.

    If you're no good at creating graphics then you may need to invest a little earlier in finding someone that is. It's difficult to try to do everything yourself - I tried that for too long!

    It depends though: stuff like my PLR writing I always do myself because I don't like the idea of someone else doing that. It depends on what you're comfortable with outsourcing, how much money you have as a stable income and your skill level in different areas.
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    Outsource the more mundane tasks that you don't enjoy as long as you can afford it.

    Interview and/or get samples from several sources before selecting. Cheap sometimes means cheap and some times it means a real value so do some checking.
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    Originally Posted by Morganzolar View Post

    To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question !
    At the beginning, the more you outsource, the less you learn. I outsourced too much, too quickly. It's not necessarily clever to outsource stuff you could reasonably and realistically learn to do yourself first. Unfortunately, outsourcing things you can do yourself is a lot easier than outsourcing stuff you can't do.

    Outsourcing successfully is a skill-set all of its own (and there's often some luck involved in it, too).
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    Alexa is right.

    Work until you are sick about it and/or have just too much to do - then grab some help if you can afford to. Simple solution.

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      Outsourcing is something you should generally do as you progress and already know how it is done. For me, I started when I did not have enough time for the tasks I decided to outsource.
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    I outsource whatever I can't do or HATE doing. If you can do it, at the beginning spend time doing it and learning it...I agree.
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    Simple advice that applies, by-and-large, to the main components of any person's business: Outsource because of time, not because of a lack of knowledge.
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    I outsource the things that maintain my business and I focus and spend time on the things that grow my business. Now the maintenance will look different for people and what they do.

    Something I would suggest for growing a business is finding traffic, testing markets, sales funnels, and developing or discovering new assets for your company.

    Then what ever it takes to maintain things you have already created or discovered, outsource those things. So that you don't lose momentum.

    One thing we learn in any business is that it is much easier to get things done when you have momentum.

    You can make more mistakes and survive when you have momentum. You also grow much quicker. But it takes an enormous amount of energy to generate or create momentum. Thats why it is so important to have a plan in place to keep the things you have created moving in a positive direction.

    Not to mention it keeps you growing at all phases of your company.

    So when do you outsource? As soon as you can.

    Another thing to consider is that we all have weak areas in our business. There are people out there that are better than us in some areas.

    I was taught something many moons ago that has served me well over the years. Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. So it could be helpful to outsource things you are ok or not so good at.
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    Outsource only things you understand so you know what you are asking for and can judge the results.

    If you do not understand an item, learn or educate yourself and then outsource.

    Outsource or train someone else for everything you do except critical thinking and planning. And do that with a good team when you can.

    Then manage the process = bank.
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    Start right away in my opinion. The best thing you can do for yourself is map out the actions you want to accomplish and spend an investment on outsourcing.

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    I like to invest money I make back into my business. Personally, outside of graphics I don't like to invest in a website until it has made a little bit of money.

    I suggest outsourcing the tedious stuff. If you don't like writing, outsource that. If you suck at graphics, outsource that. Personally, I outsource graphics and I buy banner ad space. From time to time I will hire a writer or copywriter if I've taken on too many writing jobs and don't have time to update my own sites.

    Best things to outsource: tedious things and things that you don't have the skill set to do and don't want to learn to do.
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