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Okay, so, I came across this website for sale on Flippa recently offering a service (article wrting), and on the sales page was written ""700 dollars in just 8 days". From what I've researched and have seen, the sellers has 100% feedback, and it was a week old.

Here's what I can tell:

I've looked through the sites attached Google Analytic's, and even Paypal screen shots, and have seen even on the day the site was launched ( October 8th) that they made a sale of 69, 30, 45, etc in profit for each day.

According to the seller, the site used free techniques to generate the traffic.

However.. These free methods as far as I can tell, and have looked up..

Were not SEO, no article marketing, no press releases, the site also wasn't even ranked in google, nor had backlinks.

The site looked very newbie friendly to run as well: "The traffic was generated using free techniques which require no past or existing experience to run. Not computer savvy?..That's fine!. The winner will receive a detailed marketing book that will demonstrate how to replicate the current success of the site".

My question is.. What kind of free methods could they be using to generate profits in a week like that?..

The page views from this site are also about 600, with UV's being 260 from what I've looked into.

Is it possible that I'm just overestimating this, and they probably use simple techniques like email marketing?..
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    That's a lot of speculation, generally these type of "turnkeys" either use paid traffic or other techniques for lead gen from my experience.

    If this is not the case, I would be assuming that you are probably over estimating and they are using simple techniques
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    Thanks for the response!.
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