Are these people fudging their numbers

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I am always cruising flippa as I find the sale of websites interesting.

One thing I have noticed are auctions selling sites that sell Followers/Youtube Views/Backlinks etc...

Now these sites claims 10's of thousands of visitors within "8 days" and "$900 worth of sales"

Do you think this is possible? If so, what methods are they using?

I won't include any flippa links, but if you go on there now you will see at least twenty of these similar auctions.
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    I think that very few of does claims are actually real, for one to check the site's traffic you could do so online check at one of the domain tracking sites. In most cases if its sounds to good to be true, that just means that its too good to be true.

    It's unfortunate that with technology and new web programs how easy it is to fake stuff like stats and so on.

    Most of these sellers just create a nice looking website and buy a couple traffic gigs from fiverr then post it on flippa with earnings from products that they have been selling for years. Some persons don't even take the time out to see when these items were sold plus sometimes the sellers them self hide that info.

    With what is happening now a days its hard to determine what is real from what is fake.

    best regards.
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    If you look at the sellers profiles in those sites, you'll see many of them selling the same clone sites over and over and over again, with the same claims in them. I would stay clear of them.
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      Not really related to your question but something to keep in mind when selling on Flippa, something I learned the hard way.

      A lot of people inquiring about your site are actually looking to snatch your keywords, they have no intention of buying the site they just want to take a look at your keywords, how the site was built, your backlinks sources and that's it.
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    A lot of them are smudging their numbers. Ask for traffic sources and be very weary of traffic sources where the majority of visits are coming via direct referral. Not saying it's always fishy, but you'll have a pretty good idea!

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