whats wrong with my site?

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Its a New website specific with the local city. its kinda 2 months old.


btw, the theme is just free.

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    What problems are you having?
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    Hotels is spelt Hotes in your logo ...
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    Hi , I've just been to your website. It's full of adverts. It seems that you wanted a website offering hotels. All the other topics are not related to hotels at all.
    Just concentrate in one thing at the time and your website may go up in ranking.

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    If your goal is to promote hotels you need to make that more obvious. right now the website looks like a general news website. If you are promoting hotels your content should surround that topic: hotels, travel plans, air flights, dining, etc.

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    Its all over the show, what do you want the visitors to do exactly??

    Tell them what you want them to do otherwise the chances are they wont and with your website the chances are even higher due to the fact that its chaos, maybe organised chaos to you, but still chaos.


    I'm On Google + ------------- and of course Also On Twitter

    "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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    I have to agree. I didn't read any of the other posts until after i looked at the site but what is your site about?

    Random stuff?

    There are a lot of ads. Enough that i would personally be dissuaded from sticking around too long.

    Might be worth changing your background color on the main page so that the other items stand out a bit more rather than white on white.

    Clicked a few ads for ya as well
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