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Hi warriors,

I'm just one of those who don't like reading long sales page full of stories and how the product can change ones life. A lot of that is online and the content is always very far from what is claimed. I'm in for short sales copy that shows what's in the package, some reference and testimonials.

So what's your choice? Long or short sales page?
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    Originally Posted by joekoffi View Post

    So what's your choice? Long or short sales page?
    Whichever sales page has the higher conversion rate.

    It also depends upon the target market and what's
    being sold...

    E.g. Selling a battery for a mobile phone? Go short.
    Selling a more complex information product? Go longer.

    Test, don't guess.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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      I think Eric Whitman says in "Ca$hvertising" there is no harm in having a long sales copy if you can't decide between the two. But then I am not a pro copywriter!
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    With Amazon products you go for short sales letter, but for Clickbank etc people say it needs to be long. I am on your side, I hate long sales letter and they don't really do the trick for me.
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    Long sales letter are good in pulling more traffic compared to short ones, but most people are not interested in all those long letters when they get there.
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      Originally Posted by NestZone View Post

      Long sales letter are good in pulling more traffic compared to short ones, but most people are not interested in all those long letters when they get there.

      People don't like Long sales letter, And More those BS (Selling Blind)

      If you sells letter is short but concise it will surely have the highest conversion rate.

      More over when you tell Your prospect exactly what you are trying to sell... (What to expect once in the back-end) It also reduce the refund rate.

      Vicky Durel
      I Really Wanted to Give UP...
      Thanks to This forum... I Now Have more clients contacting me Everyday for My services...
      Trusted Gig Seller on GigBucks.com
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    I would choose short sales letter, but with very concrete informations.
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    I personally like short sales pages that get to the point.

    However, I learned in my offline businesses that what I like didn't matter. It was what my market liked that got clients and made me money.

    So it is in my online business. I "like" what works, gets my clients and makes me money.

    And doing testing, the longer sales pages, work better.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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      I prefer short sales letters with just the facts rather than giving too much information in a long sales letter which raises more and more doubts questioning those small specifics in the readers minds.
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    Long sales letters are more convincing for me, though I never read the entire letter.
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    I prefer short sales letters that are concise and direct to the point. One thing that I would heavily consider putting in my sales letters are the positive testimonials from using the products that I am selling..
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    I think that putting extra content will make your sales page looks clumsy.. short, sweet and unique content is the key..
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    I've tested a few different in WF special offers section. Long salespage with images of how successful (profit proofs) this product is and how it will solve your problem worked the best.

    PS: people get attracted by lists, 1., 2., 3. ...

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    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    It takes as long as it takes. I've seen effective long & short sales page copy. I will say this...customer attention spans are growing weaker and weaker by the day. Social Media has completely redesigned the landscape, and that's completely advantageous if you're an advocate for shorter sales pages.

    Bullet points. Video presentations. Build some interest & desire. Solve a problem. Sprinkle in some scarcity. All there is to it. Video testimonials are KEY!
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    Originally Posted by joekoffi View Post

    So what's your choice? Long or short sales page?
    I personally prefer short. I am not a fan of long sales letters.

    To substitue a long sales letter I like to put a video of what's inside the package.

    Of course, this business is not about opinions but what works for the prospective buyer.

    Recently I set up a beginners' package for a new marketer to Internet Marketing and we decided to go against the grain a little.

    Short sales message followed by what the package contains and then a short look inside the package with a simple video.

    The results were staggering. No backlinks and no special SEO. I admit, I gave my client some traffic through my list, but not a lot of work was necessary as far as the technical side of things were. We used mainly my list and some social networking strategies.

    The product was very inexpensive and came with any kind of rights you wanted (MRR or PLR). I must stress, this package was not a re-hashed version of an original, it was indeed a completely original package. The ones who purchased this package were getting their hands of some originally compiled material.

    The moral behind this story was to help a newbie with the very least amount of Internet Marketing jargon (Keyword search and SEO etc--those frighten even the most hardened of newbies). We wanted to show through this package that anyone can do this and anyone can be a success...if they are willing to put a bit of an effort in.
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    I personally like short sales letters.

    But from my experience and testing long sales letter perform better. Especially when the product solves some problems. People like to read testimonials, find out about the benefits etc.

    For simple products I use video. And try to put the most important information above the fold. I think nothing is new about it.

    I would also mention that it depends whether the potential customer is pre-sold or not. How did they come to the page.

    So, my conclusion as for most of posts in this thread:

    It does not matter what I prefer - I need to test which version converts better.
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    Short sales letters work if the USP's are strong. But, a sales letter has to do one thing...sell. True to say though you do not want a sales letter claiming something that is not correct. Simply long sales letters work as do short sales letters.

    Long sales letters have to hold the readers interest where as short sales letters have to have a product with strong usp's. Best WSO sales letters always seem to have short copy because the reader has normally heard it all before and simply wants to know what the product will do for them.
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