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I am looking for really top quality plr. If such a thing exists. It would have to be ebook and video and i am looking for stuff like:
seo, ppc, youtube,facebook pages, website set up etc. Basically a whole internet marketing package. I dont mind paying some decent coin but the content has to be A+!
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    Does such a thing even exist?
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    I'm sure it does, you will just have to dig, though the videos may be hard to come by. I'm not really in the IM niche so I don't know where to find too much PLR for it.
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    Well, ... try Google and do a search for "PLR products" ... you'll find some there.
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    Ya i know but I want good ones!
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    It absolutely does exist. You just have to know where to look. Several Warriors put out some real good PLR packages. One such marketer is Liz Tomey. Her PLR products are "guru" created products, and they are top quality. If you rebranded them with maybe a new sales page and graphics, and maybe added a report of your own or two. you'd have a totally awesome new product!
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    Most people that make a huge package like that aren't going to be selling it as PLR.

    I would suggest going piece by piece and making your own product out of PLR. Take a look at Tiffany Dow, Peggy Barron, and other PLR sellers around here and find high quality reports and articles. Piece everything together and you should be able to make something great.

    Finding a whole package like that and having it actually be great quality will be tough, you will probably need to buy several packages and put it all together.
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    Logically, if the product is high quality, the product creator wouldn't sell it as PLR. Just my 2 cents.
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      Originally Posted by ronaldmd View Post

      Logically, if the product is high quality, the product creator wouldn't sell it as PLR. Just my 2 cents.
      Sorry, but I just have ask where the logic in that statement is?

      BMW, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin are all high quality cars that are sold 'off the rack', Chanel has a very successful perfume range and prints of Monets paintings are a dime a dozen - what makes good quality articles being sold as PLR for a lower price than bespoke content any different?

      bigballin6161 - There ARE great quality providers out there, many of whom have been mentioned, I'm not sure if Ruth Pound has an IM pack, but if she does, then you will not be disappointed.

      For PLR that Kicks Ass and Freelance Writing that'll Rock Your World
      ** New Guide for the Digital Writer**
      101 Writing Tips
      That Separate You From The Pack

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    I agree with Amanda, that your best bet is to compile IM PLR from a variety of sources. Take a look at content written by Tiffany Dow, Peggy Baron, and Lisa Stoops. I know that all of them have packages related to IM topics, and they all produce very high quality products.
    KeciaHambrick.com - Blogger. Content Creator. Social Media Enthusiast.
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    Some warriors sell killer PLR- Facebook Conspiracy sold by Tim Atkinson a while back had PLR rights (if you paid for the OTO).

    Thing is- premium PLR is gonna cost you a premium amount, just so you know.
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    I think what he is saying is that a full product with everything the OP is asking for and is very high quality is likely to be expensive, and I would agree just based on how much he is asking for. Videos and text on tons of IM subjects in a huge bundle like that would be hard to find.
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    Ok... wait just a second here.

    Why look for HIGH quality PLR, where you will obviously pay a premium, when you could pay the SAME price (if not lower) for an ORIGINAL article that is targeted EXACTLY the way you need it to be targeted?

    Am I missing something here?

    It's like asking if someone is a high quality puzzle builder. Just BUY a ****ing painting!
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    My top suggestion for IM PLR would be Special Report Club by Melissa Ingold - it's her speciality and she's been selling quality packages for years.
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    Jimmy D. Brown, Liz Tomey, and Ronnie Nijmeh are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

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