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Have finally created a video - any chance anyone can tell me what I need to do next. I know I need to upload to video sites but how do I get views to them? Do I need to build baclinks or are there other ways to market them so the videos will rank well.

Thanks if you can offer any tips
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    Once you have your video you need to get it out there.

    Post it on youtube now while you think about anything else.

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    Ranking a video is a lot like ranking a site, good keywords, backlinks, etc.

    Upload to more video sites than just youtube. Once it is up, ping the video url at

    Post it on facebook and twitter.

    Have it as a link in articles and blog posts pertaining to what the video is about, etc.
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      YouTube is a lot like Google. It is ultimately a search engine, albeit one focused entirely on video content it hosts. Your first step should be creating a new account with a name that is specific to what you're offering. No one will take the name "xxSephirothxx427" seriously when your product is vacuum cleaners. A name that would be more useful to you in that business would be something like "KirbyVacuumsSpringfield", with Kirby as your product name, Vacuums as your product type, and Springfield as your marketing location (Just remember that like Springfield, there might be other cities with the same name as yours, so adding the two state initial may work out best.) Make this your channel for your product or service.

      Add keywords to your channel that are pertinent and grab a YouTube background PSD template once your YouTube channel is created, or hire someone to customize the background for you. There are plenty of Warriors-For-Hire who will do that.

      When it comes time to post your video, always ensure that the description of the video begins with the website URL you're trying to promote. Then follow the link with a description that hits the keywords you're looking to rank on. Then follow Johnny's advice and buy those fiverr gigs.
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    Post the video on youtube, buy a few fiverr gigs to get them views, likes, subscribers etc Then start posting it on like minded forums, facebooks, twitter etc.

    But don't stop at just youtube, do others like daily motion, etc.
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    Yes indeed, backlinks, keyword, meta-tags, etc. as well as other components of SEO will be crucial (depending on the keyword you're targeting).
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      Back linking is one element, social networking another... if your video's are a physical product you need to run an AD! My thinking exposure is the key.

      Try advertising your video's on an AD online!

      It will give it some exposure.

      There's FREE Ad options, and paid ones too. Try an inexpensive Solo Ad, it provides thousands of potential visitors to see your video and explain what you have to explain and intrigue your visitors.

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    Upload it in YouTube...
    -put relevant high quality links to your video
    -run the URL across the video at regular intervals
    - review your own video using video blogging

    then add it in a blog and use video sitemap
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    In addition to the advice posted above, you should also find another video already posted on YouTube that gets a reasonable amount of traffic and views, then post your video as a video response to it. When people go to this high-traffic video, they will also see the link to your video, and are likely to follow it. This will get your video noticed. This video explains how to do it:

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    Do some simple SEO on the video, keyword in title and description + build 10 high pr links to the youtube link...
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    Optimize your video for the search engines using your kw in title (preferable twice in the title), kw in description and tags. If you want to drive traffic to your website, use your url at the beginning of the description.
    Copying the tags of top videos in your niche is another tip you should use.

    Also you should submit your videos to other video sharing websites like dailymotion, metacafe, tumblr(web2.0), mykewego, photobucket and much more.

    Then you want to ping the video urls and, submit them to social bookmarking sites and also you can get rss feeds of your video pages/channel and submit them to rss directories for fast indexing.

    These steps will you get traffic to your video as well as your website and also you'll be getting one way quality backlinks to boost your search engine rankings.

    Another thing is you can also post your video on social networks and on web2.0 sites like squidoo and hubpages. Writing articles and using your videos as anchor text link back is cool too.

    Just like websites some videos pick up right from the get go or they need a boost to thrive.

    Hope that helps. I offer most of these services, you can check out my link to find out more.

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    great tips pinkysoll, I'm going to check your site.
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    Originally Posted by Moneyland View Post

    Have finally created a video - any chance anyone can tell me what I need to do next. I know I need to upload to video sites but how do I get views to them? Do I need to build baclinks or are there other ways to market them so the videos will rank well.

    Thanks if you can offer any tips
    First do a little keyword research and figure out what tags, title and description you should use.

    Then ,use tube mogul to distribute the video (you will need some time to create all the accounts)

    And lastly you need to position the video on top of youtube and google for your targeted keywords.

    Here is a little info about SEO on youtube (in the youtube search engine):
    YouTube Seo

    Hope this helps
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      Add your video to You Tube (of course), Pixelpipe, Tube Mogul and Traffic Geiser (this is a paid service), Metacafe, Daily Motion, Viddler, Yahoo Video, Revver, and then ping the URL's. You can submit an RSS Feed as well.

      Promote your video on your website, Twitter, Facebook Profile or Fan Page.

      Don't forget about social bookmarking:,, and

      Buy a backlink package from Fiverr or do the backlinks yourself; just like you would backlink an article or website.
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