When Does Amazon Update Orders From Previous Day?

by redstanford 4 replies
currently 6:30 here on the west coast and it still shows "last updated Nov 01 2011. is there a certain time they update?
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    It depends, yesterday was around 10am central but I've seen it update at 7am central.
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      Reports are running late this morning.

      There is an announcement on their discussion board that they expect reports to be published around 11:00AM PDT

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    As much as I hate waiting when the reports are delayed, more often than not it has resulted in higher sales volume for me on those days so I've chalked delays up to Amazon having more activity than normal and, hopefully, some of that excess showing up in my dashboard.
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    It's been really slow the past month or so.

    I'm not sure what's wrong but somethings going on over at Amazon.

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