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Hi Guys,
First off, i want to say how happy and proud to be a member of this forum. You guys have helped me a lot.

I have a dilemma with my domain. I bought a domain and used a amazon plugin to populate the content with amazon customer reviews and product description for products i've been promoting.

Usually it take 24hrs to get my new site to get indexed but this time it's taking over 5 days and up till now my site isn't indexed.
I have used various indexing programs to help google find it but yet no indexing.

I'm thinking maybe google finds it to be duplicate content and asuch isn't willing to index it.

I've taken the initiative to remove and place the content with unique quality reviews instead of reviews from amazon that i got with the plugin.

My question is this, should i buy another domain name to host my fresh new content? Or should i continue to use the domain name while i change the entire content of the site? Your advice wil be greatly appreciated.
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