Implementing your Own Order Management System - Looking for a solution

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I am looking for a specific solution. I need an easy to use order management system and one that is simple.

Here is what I need:

Enter order into system and assign it to a staff member.

Staff member can access the orders assigned to him or her.

3 major variables:

Info about the button (staff member and download a text file or view a text file about the order - every order has specific information)

Upload finished report (when order is done, staff member will upload)

Complete button (when all done, staff member clicks this and order goes away).

On the backend the completed orders would be delivered to me, or I can get access to them all some way.

Anyone familiar with any third party service provider or software that can do something close to this?

What about designing it in house? I dont mind hiring a programmer - I would ask for some advice on where to get started (i.e. what language? can it be a hosted solution (like on my website)?)

Thank you, warrior forum, in advance.

Lots of great advice here.

And I'll post here whatever solution I do find.

Talk Soon,
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