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Dear warriors,

Let's try something.

I'm looking to make $4,700 in 10 days as it's my girlfriend's birthday on January 31st and I really want to surprise her with this drop dead gorgeous piece of jewelery we saw in the store the other day.

Now rather than beg and plead for everyone to just hand over their most pristine money making methods, I thought I'd write out what I know, what I have experience with, and how I've been successful in the past.

I'm hoping that this will help people think about their monetary goals a bit better, instead of them just asking "how do I make x amount of money in y amount of time."

(Hopefully I will learn a thing or two myself.)

So here goes.

To make almost 5k in less than two weeks, I'm thinking the best option is to create a product. More specifically a digital info product, like an ebook. Perhaps a report on a niche I'm knowledgeable about. (More on that in a sec.)

Let's take my goal of $4700 and break it down into how many sales it would take at certain price points. (I.e., the most common ones.)

$4700 = 48 sales for a $97 dollar product
$4700 = 100 sales for a $47 dollar product
$4700 = 127 sales for a $37 dollar product
$4700 = 174 sales for a $27 dollar product
$4700 = 671 sales for a $7 dollar product

Right off the bat, we can eliminate two of them. The $97 price point and the $7 price point.

Creating a $97 dollar product in 10 days is (for me), out of my reach. I'm not saying it's impossible (far from it), but with my experience and knowledge, I don't think that I could create a product that would really be worth $97.

The $7 dollar product could be easily created in the 10 day time limit, however it would require far too many sales to reach the $4700 dollar goal in that time. (At least in my opinion.)

That leaves creating a product at a $47, $37, or $27 price point and selling the corresponding copies of it within 10 days.

Now, before we go any further, I will confess: I do not have a list. (I know, I know.)

My niche that I have the most experience with is online dating. I've had tremendous success with it, and yes for those that are curious that is where I met my girlfriend to which I'm hoping to surprise with this lovely gift.

So what options do I have?

1. Running a PPC campaign with Google AdWords

Obviously this is the first method that comes to mind. I'm currently running a campaign for a dating site (via affiliate marketing) which is making profits, but just barely.

The problem? The competition for online dating is fierce. Duh. I know you know that. But it's the niche I'm most comfortable/knowledgeable in. However, high traffic keywords are extremely pricey and the cheaper lower traffic keywords that I'm bidding on now are making me around $60 to $90 dollars a month, which isn't all profit as I'm just slightly above breaking even with my AdWords costs.

Even if I could some how increase my profits with this campaign 10 fold, it still would not meet the $4700 goal that I have set for myself.

Try another niche? Try another campaign you say? Yes, I could try that, but it just doesn't feel like it would be a sure thing. I've read several AdWords books (including Perry Marshals - awesome by the way), but I have yet to really rank in the profits.

2. Running a WSO

I'm sure some of you are thinking that running a WSO would probably be the quickest way to $4700 in 10 days, however my fear is that it's the wrong market for my product on online dating. (I should mention that I already wrote the material that could easily be transformed into a $27-$37 dollar report on internet dating.)

3. Advertising my ebook on someone else's list

This is the method that I thought would work the best. However, it's proving exceedingly difficult. I've already contacted at least 20+ ezine owners in the dating niche and have yet to get a response. I suppose, it could be my fault in that they actually need to see the product beforehand, although most of the content is already on my affiliate website that I'm using in my AdWords campaign. (I'm using the educate/presell method before sending them off to the site via my affiliate link.)

However, my fear is that if I do manage to get an ad in an ezine, my sales won't cover my advertising costs. I saw top placement ads for $600-700, and that was the cheapest. Plus most are for ezines that I've never heard of, not to mention they look a little shady.

Though I suppose the real reason I hesitate with this method is because I'm afraid I'll be $600-700 further away from my $4700 goal or that I'll only make a handful of sales, breaking even at best.

In any event, I'm sure you can see I'm feeling a bit lost and am not certain which direction to take to achieve my goal.

Your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, brainstorms, and insights would be most welcome, no matter how big or small.

Thank you warriors!
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    Hey Mike you pointed out that the dating niche is fierce, why not package up your ebook with a sales letter and some graphics, sell the resell rights for $27, master resell rights for $37 and PLR for $47 as a WSO, might put you close.

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