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Hi, I came across this article:

Ten Things We're Still Buying - Forbes.com

from Forbes magazine. It isn't specifically aimed at what is selling online, but rather what is selling in general. However, I think there's a lot of good information in the article that could help Warriors develop their businesses in these economic times. In summary:

1. Personal Care
2. Video Games
3. Smart Phones
4. Gym memberships and fitness products
5. Toy building sets like Legos
6. Car Maintenance (don't want to have to replace it)
7. Dress casual shoes
8. Convenient, cheap food
9. Movie tickets
10. Netbooks

I hope someone finds this list useful in developing their websites, blogs, affiliate programs, etc.

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    This list really parallels some of the things we know to be the best niches. It just goes to show offline and online are just not very different. Thanks for pointing this out Stacy.
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    it doesnt surprise me that cheap food is on there im just surprised its not top!
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      Yes, netbooks is a type of computer that doesn't do much except give you access to the internet. They sell for about $300.

      Also, the 1-10 is not in any particular order (ie. cheap food isn't less popular than personal products.)

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        Excellent information Thanks Stacy,

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    Funny, I just read that article. Netbooks are certainly hot! I just bought one and love it.
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    I'd like to add dating

    and Ramen Noodles (edit: oh, sorry, belongs to point 8)

    to that list.

    ..and Ringtones.
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    I'm kinda surprised "Gym Memberships" are on the list and so high up. Seems that would be more of a luxury and expensive too.
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    Video games are one of the hottest markets, ebay (at one stage) listed it as one of the popular products. Many import sites offer affiliate programs too like Play-Asia. Just make sure people who buy games off there or similiar sites are sure it will work with their console (some work only in europe, some only in asia, some in asia +usa, some usa only etc.)

    Smart phones is a lie, most of these sales are from kids buying their new iPhone 3G's. They have no use for the smart phone features and i actually think the iPhone is quite lacking in them.

    Place holder.

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