How to do Lights... Camera... ACTION... with Email Marketing? Need GUIDANCE.

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I am going to start Email Marketing first time. What's the great way for me to grow the business? And, after how many months I should expect the initial success? I need your advice.

One more thing, what's more valuable? getting subscribers through Article Marketing or YouTube Marketing?
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    Your fastest great way is probably to buy a product that will teach you how to do it.

    Since you're asking here, my guess is that you're not after that solution, or at least not at the moment.

    There are many excellent ways to build a list.

    1. You can offer a free email course on a topic and send out daily emails.

    2. You can offer weekly tips about a topic.

    3. You can offer a free report.

    4. You can sell a powerful product to a low price to build a list of buyers (more valuable than freebie seekers).

    5. You can do a JV with somebody.

    After how many months?

    I remember when I had made my first $10 with AdSense after several months. I asked Joel Comm, how many blog posts or articles would be necessary to make a more considerable sum of money.

    He never answered, and I was very disappointed.

    Later, I learnt that there is no answer to that question. Because... it depends.

    It depends on your style. How do you write to your tiny list? Do they love your style and recommend it to others? Or are you pitching them all the time with doubtful products?

    If you build a relationship with your list, you could make money within a few months. If you spam them, or don't care about the PEOPLE on your list, it could take years or forever.

    Do it right, and I say 1-2 months, but this also depends on the price of the products you're going to introduce to your prospects. So don't hang me up on any numbers.
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