Marketing and Lead Generation On B2B Directories + Tip!

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LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, SEO....we are all use to the regular tools for marketing a business online. One tool that can be very effective is B2B directories and most people are not even aware of them..

On the web today exist many B2B directory websites. These websites are basically one big online exhibition sites.

Sites like:



and many more...

Membership on these site is very expensive. But most of them do offer free accounts where you can post up to 10-15 products.

Why should you want to post products on these sites?

Because the results from posting in these directories show up in Google very fast. (if you use the right keywords)

This way you are getting targeted traffic both from within the directory and from outside.

Its important to fill out as much information as possible on each product. Upload pictures, prices, shipping info addition to placing them in the right category.

One site that I highly recommend is Alibaba

Alibaba is the most powerful site for B2B lead generation. I've received for my clients many quality leads via Alibaba.

With a free account on Alibaba you can upload up to 50 products!! This is pretty incredible. Most sites allow up to 10 products.

Alibaba also has a lot of strength in Google - therefore if you optimize correctly - your postings on Alibaba will show up very high in the search results.

If you are getting a little tired of all the other tools - I would highly recommend Alibaba as a new tool that you should add to your marketing arsenal.

All the best

Hillel Porath
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