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Hey guys, first post here.

I am trying to find a wholesaler whom I can buy good from and re-sell for more on the selling platform eBay, does anybody have an idea on where I could start for this?

Obviously I am currently keeping my eye out for bargains but its alot of effort when I could just find a wholesaler.

Thanks alot, Im Ryan.
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      Originally Posted by brett701 View Post

      Hmmm. It's really hard to understand what you are asking. You might have trouble getting a response
      Well, basically in short it sounds sort of arrogant, but I will say it anyway.

      I want to buy stuff cheaply from somebody then sell it on for more.

      Thanks alot, im Ryan
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    I have seen a few, I am going to try and find them for you!
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    Thankyou, I have alot of aims in my life and I would like to make the happen before next year! Every ones help is most appreciated!
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    Yes, you can. When you can buy cheap stuff, you can re-sell it anywhere for profit.
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    Check out SMC Corp - yes the Howard Cunningham site - they have tons of cheap stuff you can resell and they'll handle the drop shipping for you...


    Oops - I just noticed - they charge a membership now - they didn't used to
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    Here ya go - these guys are free to join - same deal - cheap stuff that would work well on ebay - they also drop ship

    Drop Ship Wholesale Experts As Seen On TV Hardware Housewares and more! Huge Warehouse!

    Check it out - Amazons price: $29.00
    Amazon.com: Trademark Home 80-X09E Touchless...Amazon.com: Trademark Home 80-X09E Touchless...
    Your cost: $8.17 - featured product #4 on their home page
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      Thanks guys, I'm still looking btw because I would like to sell a large vast of items!
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    I would also vouch for World Wide Brands. You might have to conduct extensive research, but it should pay off with you finding something you can move.
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    I am going to be honest with you.
    There is nothing you can find through these "wholesalers" that a 100 other ebay sellers
    aren't already selling. If you had access to a product that very few or zero other sellers are pedaling, then yes you have a good chance to make money.

    TIP* Find a product that you think has a good price then go to ebay.
    Click on Advanced Search
    Type in Product name
    Check "completed auction" box
    Click search
    This will give you prices that that product sold for, i bet it's much lower
    than what you thought was a good price...

    The only way that you can beat the established "power sellers" on eBay is if you can get direct from manufacturer (no middleman) but that's unlikely.

    The other alternative is liquidation lots, also become very competitive but if you can buy
    at the truckload level the unit prices will be much better. But then we are talking a couple thousand per lot maybe not what you want.

    Sorry but that's the reality...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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