At what minimum search volume would i be "wasting my time"?

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At what minimum search volume would i be "wasting my time"?
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    It depends on what you earn from each visitor. If you're selling a $5 guide to car finance, less than 1000. If you're a broker for car financing, 100 visitors can still make you money. Figure out how much you earn per visitor, then you can decide what is and is not worth your time.
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    That really depends upon the niche. Some niches you can pull in sales from just a few visitors a day, some take tons more.

    Also keyword tools can be inaccurate in their search volume info. I've had keywords that stated only a couple 100 visitors a month give me thousands of visitors, and also the opposite where it stated they get thousands of searches but I only get a handful.

    I guess it will come down to testing for traffic and what you decide is a good enough search volume.

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    I used to always search for 2000 plus. However, on a new blog I target all the less volume keywords, like the 100searches and higher ones.

    Guess what I have some good results from it.

    For one thing, there is less competition. Instead of waiting for a 2000 search volume keyword to rank for months, I can get a bunch of lower search volume keywords on Google Page 1 in short time.
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      On that note,what do you guys use for keyword research other than google keyword tools ?? i have never seen anymore that are reliable info
      thanks alot

      Fraser Mackie
      Affiliate Manager

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    I agree with the fact that the keyword tools you use should only be an indication of actual traffic and testing in the end of the day should be how you truly determine what brings you traffic, without it you could be leaving a lot of traffic/money on the table.

    As stated above you need to figure out how worthwhile the traffic would be in $ vs the overall competition in order to come to some conclusions on which keywords you should be targeting. In a simple answer to your question for me and my business I will target any keyword in my niche as long as it has some traffic and this could be as low as 50.

    As stated it depends of course on what your intentions are for ranking, what your overall payback would be and if its worth your time investing in that keyword in terms of effort which only you personally would be able to answer dependent on your goals!
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    As mentioned, it all depends.

    I know of a site that gets 15 - 20 visitors a month. Sounds like a waste of time, right? Except those visitors are searching for a specific thing that pays a very large commission. makes it all worthwhile.
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    As other people have said it really does depend on what niche you are trying to target and also what you are selling/promoting. The more searches you have the more competition will be there too. You could use this as an opportunity to split test.
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    Good advice from the first poster, RA Marketing. That's your answer in a nutshell.
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    Somany factors are at play here. One of my best keywords is only 500 searches per month but makes me $500 per month.
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    even with less than 1000 GMSV and it's targeting traffic but let's say you are selling Yacht, it is worth your effort.
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    Well domain costs $10, if competition is low you can get to #1 place with 2 hours of work. So you'll need to earn in 1 year more than $10. That shouldn't be too hard.

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    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    500 exact match global monthly search volume can be surprisingly worthwhile sometimes!
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