A little test... with clickbank and google

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How's it going everyone,

I did an experiment and figured I would share. I have a website that was once ranking on page 1 around spot 4 about 6 months ago, and then it slowly slipped back until it collected dust on page 89 or so.

I figured that I got some kind of penalty and was not sure what it was. I read that having too many links outbound can hurt you and noticed I was linking about 6 times or so directly to my clickbank hop link without cloaking.

I went back to my website about a week ago and unlinked every single link outgoing to clickbank and I'm back on the map, page 2 spot 19.

Just food for thought and thought it was interesting -- pretty sure they are related!
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    I think the link cloaking is where Google might have penalised you.

    I also had a website 3 years ago earning me some ice passive income until Google took me away from the money frontier. I did the same steps and used a WP Link cloaking service for all the outgoing links.

    It is back on track now.
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    He said he wasn't using cloacking.
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    Google doesn't like clickbank. That's no longer secret of course.
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      personally, I've decided to stop promoting things from clickbank. It just isn't my cup of tea.
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    Nice share, but a question did you cloaked your links or removed your links to get the ranking back
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    Originally Posted by malta View Post

    But really, are there actually real products on clickbank? Products of value? Name one?
    DLGuard is one. One of the best product delivery/payment programs available.

    But I agree, there's a lot of junk.
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    That's interesting. How much content is on your site? I've heard that the number of affiliate links should be balanced in relation to the amount of content on site.

    Is it only CB that Google doesn't like links to. What about other affiliate networks?

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    It's funny how that works, but yes Google really has gotten harder if you don't know how to play the game right. They've become much more strict when it comes to certain types of links, especially when it comes to click bank products.

    If your niche deals with something like bizopp, weight loss, forex, etc. then that makes it even harder to stay "legit" in the eyes of google.

    Good luck!

    I'm the "Top Dog" when it comes to marketing.

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    It is a weight loss site, probably 1500 words, I had about 6 links or so. I removed ALL outbound links from home page and that is when I got ranked again.

    Can google follow a cloaked link and know youre linking to clickbank still and penalize you?
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    My site is ranked 3 and 4 on page one of Google, with many links outgoing to clickbank. There must be more factors playing in. None of my links are cloaked, have not learned how to do that yet .
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