Where to register a cheap .com domain and pay with Paypal,maybe with discount?

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Do you know where to register a cheap .com domain where I can pay with Paypal?
Maybe there is a discount somewhere I don't know...

Looking forward to hear from you.

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    Namecheap is my registrar of choice because all of their domains come with a free year of who-is protection. They allow payment via PayPal and credit card.
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      Thanks you for your replies.

      I just saw that a .com domain is $9.28 with discountcoupon,this is not the cheapest price I think

      But it is also important to register with a good registrant and Namecheap is i know.
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    register a domain from godaddy and use coupon code to make it more cheaper
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      Originally Posted by punjabi View Post

      register a domain from godaddy and use coupon code to make it more cheaper
      Okay let me check the prices at GoDaddy and do they also provide free whoisguard?
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        Just found a discount coupon for GoDaddy,price is $5.99 for a .com domain.
        This will be the lowest price for a .com domain with whoisguard I think

        Edit: this price is without whoisguard ,they count $6.99 p/y for whoisguard
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      hey you do set up your own wordpress blog?
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    use namecheap, has free WHOIS, and the current coupon code for November is COLDGOLD
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    the package of namecheap with free Whois is great. I never tried to find any other domain registrar because they are doing good.
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    Name cheap is my preferred domain registrar and as mentioned if you find a coupon code you will get a bit of an extra discount.

    Your questions asks about domain registration specifically which, as many know, is a small annual fee (generally around $10.00 for a .com). Are you, I wonder, actually asking about hosting as well? -winlin
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    I thinks there is some kind of WSO offering cheap domains around here and another one for really cheap hosting.
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      Unless it's recently changed, GoDaddy gives a year's free privacy protection only on orders of 5+ domain-names in one transaction.

      Another vote for Namecheap, from me.

      Do you have (separate) hosting, Richard?
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        Thank you all for your replies.

        I take seperate hosting from Hostgator I think and I decided to take my domain from namecheap.

        I see many positive experience with Namecheap here
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    +1 for namecheap. Excellent quality and service.

    Just hop on google and type: Namecheap coupon november.

    This should bring up a coupon that should knock off a dollar or so on your next domain purchase.

    I'm the "Top Dog" when it comes to marketing.

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    Definitely Godaddy. I just like their ongoing deals for all TLD'd and I like to keep all my domains in one spot for the sake of simplicity. Just search G for "Godaddy discount code" and look for a thread in another forum specializing in domain names.
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      Originally Posted by Melissa82 View Post

      Definitely Godaddy. I just like their ongoing deals for all TLD'd and I like to keep all my domains in one spot for the sake of simplicity. Just search G for "Godaddy discount code" and look for a thread in another forum specializing in domain names.
      Convenient yes but imprudent.
      Basic rule of survival = NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

      Same logic applies for both registration and hosting. And by extension, don't host with the domain's registrar (or register with the host!)

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        I've used Godaddy and Yahoo!. Nothing spectacular about either one and I did have some problems with Yahoo! when I tried to change servers (this was an old misunderstanding about 10 or so years ago.

        I'm definately looking forward to trying out Namecheap. Thanks for the tips!



        Debt Free since 2017!

        Well a guy can dream, can't he?

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  • They were 99 cents at 1and1 a few days ago. I bought so many domains at that price that I can't count them.
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    1&1 has .com domain names for 4.99.
    (They were .99c last month)
    .info's are currently .99c

    Be careful though, make sure you check your yearly recurring billing is disabled.
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    Costs me $9.39 pa for COM, NET and ORG domains INCLUDING free privacy (WHOIS), free advanced DNS (private nameserver), 2 free email accounts, theft protection (locking).

    Other TLDs available but I only use COM.

    NB -these are the regular (renewable) prices - before any special offers.

    Slick execution (100% flawless in 3 years) via Control Panel or API.

    Domain availability queries do not leak to taster cowboys (in my experience).

    Could pool volumes (at cost) to share benefits of further volume discounts available - but sadly cannot suckle newbies. Check out supersite dot 4mostdomains dot com (domain buyers) or partners dot 4mostdomains dot com (domain resellers) and PM your estimated annual registration volumes.

    PS - I like Namecheap and have an account there to push domains I sell - as many experienced buyers also have Namecheap accounts.

    I also have an account at GoDaddy for pushing convenience but would not dream of using them for my own domains. GD charges extra for EVERYTHING including privacy - so are totally uncompetitive for my needs.

    Also they are alleged to pull domains accused of spamming or other misdemeanors (with or without justification). I prefer discreet, reliable registrar to some self-righteous bully appointing themselves prosecutor, judge and jury!

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    i prefer 1and1. $4.98 domains cant go wrong there
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    i used godaddy which give .com at 7.48 i have domains with name and namecheap too

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    I've always used godaddy but after reading this thread and seeing gurus like Alexa Smith use namecheap, I'm using namecheap from now on
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    I also use godaddy. From other 2-3 found godaddy more suitable for my needs,using coupons .com is 7.49$.From time to time they have an offer with 1$...

    +1 for godaddy
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    i used xnynz.com to register the domain..here i had register the domain name for $8.49* for (dot) com extension.here they are providing good and reliable services and 24/7 service. they are providing many extras along with this... i had an experience with them over many years.and also you can use papal for payment option here..try it out...hope it helps you.
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    +1 for namecheap too. Google namecheap coupon and you can save another dollar to your domain. Also, since it is Cyber Monday (one more hour left), hostgator is giving a 50% discount on servers. Check it out!
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    I used Godaddy.com when they had that 1$ domain thing. Might be still going around.
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    Register domain with namecheap, and host with hostgator.....
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    Namecheap seems to be affordable and dependable
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    Well i suggest namecheap and godaddy..they both allow you to use paypal and you can find loads of latest discount coupons for both sites and use them.

    I hope this helps.
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    You can use godaddy. You can get $7 per domain
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      Hi Richard,

      If you want to register your domain with .info TLD, then you can do that for $2.99 at Namecheap now (I don't know, how long).

      Anyway, I'm not affiliated with them, but Namecheap is my preferred registrar, too.



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      Originally Posted by sliperdm View Post

      guys, where can I get cheap ssl cert?
      Hi sliperdm,

      There is a comparison chart related ssl certificates at www dot whichssl dot com. You can choose from there either cheap or free ssl certificate as well.

      No aff.

      All the best,


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    1and1.com sells com domains for 4.9$, so its pretty good and not that pricy

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    free movies

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      Hi Richard,

      I also do not buy from GoDaddy anymore because you can get more other features free from other registrars.
      But you can always visit this page for some GoDaddy discount coupons.

      I use Namecheap, InternetBs and NetFirms.

      Internet.bs and Netfirms are usually cheaper than Namecheap.
      You can pay with Paypal with all of them.

      Netfirms Promotion
      Netfirms is currently running a 1$ Hosting Promotion which comes with a Free Domain Name (expires 30th November).
      Their hosting control panel is not CPanel, but it still is a good offer.
      Netfirms Special Offer (This is not an affiliate link, but their own link sent to me by email).

      I don't use them for hosting but for domain names.
      They are cheaper than GoDaddy and your domain comes with Free Privacy.

      If you don't want to take advantage of the 1$ offer, you can still use any of the following codes for $4,95 domain names:

      cyber495 / LOVE / promo495

      You can also get more Netfirms coupons below:

      You don't have to buy hosting to use your domain name. You can register the domain name with them and host your site with another company.

      Esther Translation
      English-French Translation
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