Payment Options for customers without credit cards?

by amunt
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Does anyone know how to receive online payments from customers without credit cards?
Is there a way for them to pay into an account from their banks (from different countries). Or, are any of those mobile phone payment systems any good?
Thanks for help
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    For the rare time customers have emailed me asking about this, I just advise them to get a friend to make the purchase for them. It's pretty rare.
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      I am not in the online business. So i can not give you answer properly, But i searched for your query and i found this www dot paybycash dot com this site is providing same facility as you are in need of. (not sure though :confused: )
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    PayPal does not require you to have a credit card to become a member. All you need is a bank account and able to prove who you are to them.

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  • I get this question a couple times per month from people in other countries. I usually tell them PayPal - But that's a good point, telling them to get a friend to purchase it and pay them directly. Both are good options.
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    Isn't there something on the lines of Virtual Credit Cards. I think some banks offer this kind of service.
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    You have the options of using Paypal, Alertpay or Clickbank. Depending on your location and target, you can literally leave your company bank details on your landing page but it won't be universal.
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