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Is Google+ Even Worth Checking Out?
There are many people in the internet network marketing world that are against the implementation of Google+ but it has to be said that the search engine company has really hit a home run with some of the features in its new social media network.

The problem for Google+, and maybe it more a problem for the marketers, is that network marketers are thinking that somehow Google+ was intended to replace Facebook. *And the fact of the matter is the folks over at Google+ know that there is no way that is going to happen.

So they are challenged to come up with new and exciting features to add to there ever growing collection of options in order to not compete with Facebook. *But rather to offer things that perhaps you can't find on Facebook.

Google+ Launches Three New Cool-Guy Tools

The first new addition to the social networking site is the ability to see what everyone is talking about. *Google calls it their "What's Hot" function and if you are a Twitter user its pretty much the same thing but it a better tracker. *Also, if you remember when Google was indexing Tweets and they were in the search results under "hot topics" or something like that. *Well this new what's hot function to Google+ brings that back. *There was no indication however, if this feed would be added to the search engine results like the Twitter integration was, but either way if your marketing and need something to write about this is an excellent resource.

Check out the video Google+ threw together to explain this bad boy for you, and after this I don't want to hear about how you don't have anything to write about.

The next Google+ addition is a interesting function called Ripples. *Now this thing works on posts that you select as "public" and to do that when you share Google+ automatically enters you most used circles. *There is a drop down arrow there, all you need to do is select pubic.

Then you put up your content and using Google+ Ripples you can watch the activity that your post generates. *Everything from comments, notifications, and friends sharing it with other friends. *This truly is a cool function, imagine what you can do if you knew how far your content is spread and with whom. *You can generate more content on that same subject and then be able to generate more targeted traffic and leads then you can handle. *I can tell you that I am implementing it.

Ok this third and final thing isn't really any spectacular unless you don't already have your own favorite picture editor, but the Google+ Creative Kit is a neat little tool that allows you to add effects to all your photo's. *I like it, since all the photo's I take on my smartphone are automagically sync'd with my Google+ account. *This tool allows me to change some effects, or add text to my photo's and really engage with my Circles.

Remember, Google+ isn't designed to replace your beloved Facebook. *Its merely another means to connect with people whom you want to share your product or opportunity with and if you choose *to ignore Google+ your leaving a lot of money on the table.

What is that you say, there aren't as many users on Google+ as there are on Facebook? *Nope there sure aren't but if you ignore 40 million people your ignoring the significant traffic source that Google+ is, as well as all the wonderful back links you get.

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