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What's the best web hosting service? Looking for one for a new site I'm working on.

Your insight and experiences will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    HostGator is what I use, and no complaints. I was referred to it by someone who has been in IM forever as well.
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    This has been asked many times on the forum. If you do a search of the forum you will finds lots of threads containing pros, cons and recommendations.

    I use three hosting providers one of which is HostGator. If you are new at the hosting game, I would recommend HostGator.

    If you carry out a search engine search, you can sometimes find a coupon to get a discount off your first months hosting fee with HostGator.

    Just my thoughts,

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    HostGator, hands down.
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    Thanks guys,

    you are all confirming what my gut was telling me.

    It was either HostGator or BlueHost, but I was leaning more towards HostGator.

    Thanks again!
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      If you're looking at shared hosting at Hostgator try coupon code 404PAGE.

      I think it'll get you your first month for 1c

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    Yet another Michael here with yet another vote for trusty owld HostGator.
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    I'm going to be the odd woman out and suggest Wirenine. Their hosting is a lot cheaper than Hostgator, but the service is great.
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    I have accounts with Hostgator and Bluehost and they've both been great. Hostgator support is amazing and FAST. I haven't needed Bluehost support yet so I can't comment.

    The nice thing about Hostgator is that you can start small, then upgrade later to VPS or dedicated if needed. When you upgrade, they transfer your sites for free.
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    Hostgator is my favourite. I would recommend the baby plan over the hatchling plan, that way you can add further domains to the same hosting account at a later date with no extra cost. Here is a working coupon code for Hostgator that will get you your first month for 1 cent: WORDPRESSBONUS
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      I suggest you to see this top
      The top is based on guaranteed and tested stability of the servers, accessible prices, no intermediary companies, number of hosted domains, very positive feedbacks.
      I hope this helps.
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    bluehost or hostgator is a good way to go.
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    Now you can get very cheap and very high rate web hosting services, it's depend your business area. If you are start new business, so you can used free web hosting services. If your business is large and more branch, than used high costly web hosting services.
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      HostGator is great...but if you need to have more control and ability to scale large sites I highly recommend Storm On Demand. They have some of the best hardware in the industry and their support is AMAZING.
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