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Hello, I want to introduce myself to the forum. I really found out about internet marketing about 2 months ago when I read a blog. It got me thinking but I was skeptical. I then heard about the Arbitrage Conspiracy and thought it sounded great. But being that I was skeptical, I figured that it must be a scam. After finding out about this forum, I see now that internet marketing is truly legit.

What I need help with is how to get started. I don't have my knowledge about this and everything I have learned seems to be difficult to comprehend. I just graduated from college, so I dont have much money. The only experience I have had is selling on ebay, where I've made a grand total of 800 bucks haha. My question is, what is the quickest way I can get the ball rolling and start generating some money. What should I read that can help me with this? Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    Some the things you should have basic knowledge of are:
    Domains and Web hosting
    Link Building
    Affiliate Networks and How to market affiliate products
    Article Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Blog and how to set up one using WordPress
    Landing Page
    Auto Pilot
    List Building

    You can get lots of free ebooks and blog articles about these topics.
    Post Unlimited Free Classified Ads in the Oldest Online Classified Site.

    Build Links, Increase Traffic, and Make Money by Creating MySpace type Free Pages For Linking to Digg Style Submissions
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      @youngwarrior: Heads up. Good 'ol Phillip is trying to sell you something. My advice to you is spend a few days on the forum and read everything you can. Find a few marketers that you respect and pay particular attention to what they have to say. Don't spend money on "programs" unless you know they come from a respected source. Your a college grad so you understand the steps you need to take to learn something new. IM is just another skill, that if you put forth the effort, you'll learn it.

      PS: PhillipOlsson, I call them like I see them. Your post was nothing but an MLM sales pitch to a complete newb. Take it somewhere else...
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    Welcome to the forum. I see you are already getting the best advice. Main thing is to read the posts in the forum. That's where you will really learn heaps, and its free.

    God bless

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    Hi, there are a lot of free reports online that will teach you step by step how to make money online. Participate in Giveaways and you can download a ton of free reports to read.

    If budget is tight, go for free traffic and promote Clickbank products.

    1. Article marketing

    2. Video marketing

    3. Forum marketing

    4. Blogging

    These 4 methods work consistently for me in driving traffic and making CB commissions.

    Originally Posted by youngwarrior83 View Post

    Hello, I want to introduce myself to the forum. I really found out about internet marketing about 2 months ago when I read a blog. It got me thinking but I was skeptical. I then heard about the Arbitrage Conspiracy and thought it sounded great. But being that I was skeptical, I figured that it must be a scam. After finding out about this forum, I see now that internet marketing is truly legit.

    What I need help with is how to get started. I don't have my knowledge about this and everything I have learned seems to be difficult to comprehend. I just graduated from college, so I dont have much money. The only experience I have had is selling on ebay, where I've made a grand total of 800 bucks haha. My question is, what is the quickest way I can get the ball rolling and start generating some money. What should I read that can help me with this? Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    Well besides all the marketing teqniques...

    You should come in this business with the right mindset. Many people think that they are going to make a quick buck. For the majority of the people out there, this is not the case.

    Remember that it is a business and should be treated as one.

    I see a lot of people treat it as a hobby. Then wonder why they make hobby money.

    Stay positive and don't let anyone tell you that you cant do it.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    I think you should consider buying one of the great eBooks/ programs that will help you start with IM.

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    Welcome to our forum:

    Here's a link at this forum that I have posted to help you eliminate your confusion.


    All The Best To You & Yours!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    look around the forum there is a lot of valuable information here, but if you dont have the time and have a little extra money look in the wso section for a good step by step plan. most of them will tell you exactly what to do, dont skip any steps and if you have trouble just ask. a little searching can answer all your questions...

    also one thing i learned, be patient and keep at it.

    Need Articles, Reports, eBooks, anything?
    Check Out My Ghost Writing Services

    PLR articles and reports? Coming Soon...

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    You can learn a lot from this forum, be in constant touch with this forum because there are great guys here that can lead youn to the pinnacle. See you there and welcome on board.
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    The advice you are getting here is the bets you can get. If you have the time you need to spend it reading and asking questions. The next thing and the most important thing you need to do is start. You can get lost reading and reading and never doing. Read then implement. There are many threads on here that give you step by step instructions depending on what you are wanting to do. I would also recommend sitepoint.com forums and start subscribing to IM blogs, there are a ton of them.

    I build Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Provide Training. Feel free to check out my demo bot https://m.me/botsguy

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      Hey all! This is my first post on here as well, seems to be a solid place for advice..

      at youngwarrior: honestly, onera pretty much nailed it with the list he gave of things to know. In my opinion, those are the core topics any marketer needs to know, and with enough digging you can learn a tremendous amount of info about them for free.

      I don't know if you've delved far enough into IM yet, but you can very easily and quickly be swept away by offers and programs that always seem like the next best thing, especially as your inbox fills up everyday from being on several different lists. My advice: take it step by step by studying one specific topic at a time. and don't expect to get rich overnight lol.

      Hope that helped somewhat!


      And I'd like to let ya know, I'm actually writing a book about IM directed towards how a beginner can get started making money online.. I'm going to be interviewing several of the top pros in the industry (and at 11am tomorrow, or later today i guess, I get to interview Rosalind Gardner! and I'm hella excited about it..) and asking them how exactly to get started with making money online. It's a lot to put in here, so just go here if you wanna know more (my blog): themakemoneyonlinebook.blogspot.com.
      [WSO] Fitness/Weight Loss PLR Package like you've never seen before (and outlandish reviews!) - check it out here
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    welcome, sonera hit it up, but i were you, you start with affiliate marketing but if you have enough money to spend online there's a huge legitimate ways. find it out carefully

    Give more, Expect less, Live simple...

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    hi youngwarrior,
    now here comes the best advise from another so called "newbie".

    Go to Thirty Day Challenge and go through the whole program, it's completely free and you will start out the right way without a chance of getting scammed.

    Once you finished that, go to the wso special offer section and look for the Internet Marketing Bootcamp by Jeremy and look for the wso from tristan bull.
    The first one is 35 dollars, specially for newbies and the second one is 50 bucks, but believe me after doing the 30 day challenge and the boot camp you are ready for tristan bulls internet marketing uncut (he sold that for 1997$).
    This gonna take you 1-2 months - trust me, after that you won't be a newbie no more and you will have saved so much money by not falling for all those products out there in the market.
    my 2 cents

    ‎"Success is waking up in the morning, whoever you are, however old or young, and bounding out of bed because there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you're good at -- something that's bigger than you are, and you can't hardly wait to get at it again today." Whit Hobbs

    Visit My Website: http://www.mariobrown.net/

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      Thanks guys again. I can't tell if the post about the 30 day challenge is just an attempt to sell something to me. If it isnt I apologize to the guy taht wrote it.
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        Originally Posted by youngwarrior83 View Post

        Thanks guys again. I can't tell if the post about the 30 day challenge is just an attempt to sell something to me. If it isnt I apologize to the guy taht wrote it.
        Hey fellow newbie...30 Day Challenge is free, and VERY detailed and comprehensive...a little much at times but worth the price...can't get much cheaper than FREE. And ditto the others who are saying it will take some time. That is TRUE, there really is no get rich quick, so buckle down and get to learning. Have fun..!!
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      Young Warrior

      I am a new myself, I have spent the last 6 months studying this whole IM thing this was a decision I made because I wanted a good basic knowledge before deciding to take action. But that's just my decision and I'm sure there are plenty of people who think it's better to take action straight away, anyway the choice is yours to make.

      In the beginning I suffered from information overload, that is something you should be wary of.
      It's very easy to download this and that ebook give it a quick read then go on to the next one by which time you will have forgot what you learnt in the last read, pretty soon you will have a hard drive full of this stuff and confusion will set in.

      I also had a limited amount of time to study as I have a wife and young daughter to keep so obviously dayjob had to come first hence the 6 months study period, however I now feel I am ready to take the plunge and start making some money.

      My advice in retrospect would be to organize your study. Make a folder on your hard drive called IM or whatever then in this folder make sub-folders for the various sub-topics (ie Article Marketing, List Building etc) onera gives you a good starting list in the first reply.

      As others have said there is some really great free ebooks out there, download just one or two on each topic and file them in the relevant folders that way you won't spend hours searching your hdd for that great bit of info you found but forgot which ebook it was in.

      Another thing I found invaluable was to make a note pad file in each sub-folder and use it as a kind of paste file so when you find a good tip or piece of advice in this forum or elsewhere you can just copy and paste it into your note pad file.

      Finally join some mailing lists from some of the more reputable marketers not only will they give you lots of great free content you can also learn how they do email marketing.

      Good Luck

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    Welcome to the forum. You need coaching and you can get it at Thenicheblogger.com
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    Hi YoungWarrior, welcome aboard. I just joined the forum a few days ago myself, but have been actively working toward building an inline business since late 2007. What I would caution you on is to find something that you are interested in and stick with that method of business. You're going to be prone to jumping from one thing to the next to try and make some money.

    You're going to see a lot of advertisements for programs that promise to make you money and build huge traffic. One of my problems when I started out is I jumped from one program to the next. I would buy a guide, get started, and then get distracted by the next shiny new guide promising how easy their system was.

    You've had some great advice so far, but here is my two cents on what to do to get started.

    1. Make a list of at least 5 things that you enjoy doing and/or have a lot of knowledge about.

    2. Take that list and go to WordTracker (I can't post links yet, but you can easily figure this out, or search for it on google). When you find it they have a free search feature, just use that, don't worry about joining until you are making money. Use whatever keyword(s) you would use to find your topic in a search engine. Click the hit me button and wait for the results. This will tell you how many times they say the term is searched for in a month. Whatever it says you can multiply that by about 3 to see how often it is searched on Google.

    The volume is going to vary, but if your term doesn't get several thousand searches a month, try your next item.

    3. Take your final list and go to Clickbank (Again I can't post links yet, but you can easily figure this out, or search for it on google). ClickBank is an affiliate marketing product clearning house. Not sure how much you know yet, but affiliate marketing is just you selling other peoples products.

    So do some searches in the marketplace (link at the top of the page) and see if there are any products for your niches. You will see below the descriptions on the left side a dollar amount per sale. You want at least $20 here, this is the commission you make for every sale you generate.

    4. Decide which thing you want to promote. Then get a domain name and hosting account. You can get a domain for about $9 a year, and hosting for as little as $5 a month. If you want to build a business these are a must.

    5. You easily set up a blog on your website and start sharing information about the topic you have chosen. Then you drive traffic to your site. Some of the people who visit will click on your affiliate links to the products you recommend in your posts, and a few of them will buy.

    In my opinion this is one of the cheapest ways to get started.

    The bottom line here is whatever you do you need to become a student of this business. You are going to have to buy products to increase your knowledge. Sure you can find some free information that is quality. But eventually you will have to buy things to advance your knowledge.

    I agree to a certain extent with the others who have said search around for free guides and free information. Let me point out though, that if you buy a good guide to whatever you decide to do, it will cut your learning time down. When you buy a guide, you are getting all the information in one spot, that you would oterhwise have to search for all over the internet.

    So you need to decide if you want to spend your time searching for the information you want to learn, or do you want to spend a little money so you can started faster.

    To your success,

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    Agree with a lot of the excellent posts, and now that you're with Warrior you can also access a lot of free reports online that will teach you step by step how to make money online. The giveaways in particular can get you a ton of free reports to read, particularly step-by-step tutorials. Probably the best place to start is promoting Clickbank products, if your budget is a little tight. Remember the four golden sources: article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, and blogging. These have been particularly useful for me in generating a reliable and continuous income. Hope this helps!
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      A good question to ask. I recommend learning the following things in this order:
      - search for a profitable niche (not a product to sell, although i made this mistake myself several times initially when i still had the day job, and maybe its something everyone has to do initially)
      - find what are the problem statements of that niche,
      - look at how many google ads their are for those problem statement keywords and analyse what they are selling
      - look for an affiliate product that you could promote to solve the problem
      - crunch the numbers to see if it will likely be profitable (unfortunately this one can be hard to figure out when you are first getting started)
      - register a domain name that has the main keywords in it
      - build a website which is a salesletter for your new product, but make sure it is more about solving their problem than it is about selling your product.
      - setup a sales process using paypal or clickbank or equivalent
      - use google adwords to run your first ad that will show up on the right hand side of google under 'sponsored listings' to drive traffic to your site
      - capture leads by creating a form on your website using an autoresponder tool like aweber
      - test and measure
      - sell them other products
      - repeat process with next niche
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    Well for a complete newbie who has a tight budget and little experience. My answer would be to let "someone else" do MOST the work for you, but only in the very early stages One way is to be a part of an Affiliate Program that already has neat professional state of the art queeze pages that does all the follow up for you. This may not be the best option but it is a good way of giving you some time to learn for yourself while picking up some commissions.

    I built my own squeeze pages and there is an example of it in my signature. You Don't have to purchase anything but from the free information you can see what I mean about professional squeeze pages being done for you.

    There is a little trick I learned about re-directing your Affiliate Links to your own Domain, which will help you pick up your own traffic in the long term. Domain Names are cheap and should suit your buget. (Details further down page).

    Then you can check out clickbank, it is a good resource for Affiliate Programs to start with. Look for a Program in an area you would enjoy. Example; Health, Internet Marketing, property, fitness, Ebooks etc


    If you already have Affiliate Links, you might like to try this method.....

    1. Purchase a professional Auto Responder Account (google Auto Responder servces). The top 3 will come up. Compare prices and service go with what suits you best. I use getresponse, other people use Aweber, do your own research. Cost is low approx $17-19 a month or if you purchase quarterly/6 monthly/Yearly; prices are reduced. These Auto Responders have video tutorials that teach you "how to" do what you need to, to get started.

    2. Set up a series of emails in a campaign, I wirte my own but I've been on the net for a while. I have heard about email writer programs that will write an emails for you. Apparently you put in a few words & an email you can copy appears. I haven't seen those programs around in a while. Perhaps someone else here on the forum will know and can recommend one.

    3. You could build a FREE Squeeze Page (email opt-in for more info) from somewhere like bravenet.c It's very easy and could be done in less than an hour. You build 2 simple pages;
    (a) Short introduction to your product(s) with form to get more info.
    (b) Thanks for completing the form page - a couple of lines include a "We HATE SPAM" note.

    4. Put an email opt-in form for free information from your Auto Responder account onto your bravenet (or other free) site. They should have what's called "webforms". It's very much a 5 minute process with copy & paste action required. Also set up a re-direct/response page from the same area.

    It's just a matter of putting the url of where you want the visitor to go to once they fill out the form. It should be a simple "thanks for requesting more info, an email has been sent to you". (That's the 2nd page you build on your free website). See what I mean about letting someone else do it for you to begin with? Internet Marketing is huge learning curve, you MUST look, read, search, try, test, etc. But luckily for you (a newbie), forums like this one do help to cut through some of the information out there. Taking advice is find, however your own due dilligence will be very satisfying!

    5. Set up your Autoresponder with your Affiliate Link in it. You can cloak your Affiliate Link with tinyurl.c or purchase cheap .com domains and have your Domain Name forwarded to your Affiliate link. Also "Mask" that same link so that although your domain name is redirected to your Affiliate link, the Affiliate Link won't show in the address browser. It will be your Domain name that shows. Tinyurl.c is quicker and free, so you might want to start with that method.

    So.... Here's what happens....

    1. Send visitor to your squeeze page, they fill out form for more info.

    2. Email is automatically sent to them from your Auto Responder.

    3. Visitor has to "CLICK" the link inside the email to "CONFIRM" they want more info. Once they click on that link, your Instant follow-up Auto Responder Campaign begins. BingO! 1-2-3 Actions!

    I know you might be thinking that's a lot of work" but this is definitely worth it for monitoring number of visitors and building an Opt-In mailing list that you can use for future mailings and other products. Plus once you set it all up, it runs on auto pilot.

    There's nothing worse than not know which of your advertising efforts are effective. If you know, then you can repeat and capitalise on it!
    As long as they remain on your list, you can then send info about other products and broadcast special messages.

    I'm checking out another site which looks perfect for someone in your position, just getting started. Anyone really, but at lease you won't have had the experiece of what most of us have had at some point. Spending money for simular trash. I always like to do my own research first to see if it's worth it or just a rehash of something old. Believe me, even those of us that's been online for some time can get caught out by smart sales copy.

    Hope this give you a little insight into a part of what Internet Marketing is about!

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      Thank you everyone for the help so far. What I've decided to start out doing, is to sell clickbank products. I am going to create a website/blog and drive traffic there. My question is, how do I choose which clickbank products to promote and how many should I choose. For example, if my blog is about the nfl or football, how do I go about deciding which products to choose for that certain niche? Also, even if I do drive loads of traffic to my site, what is to say that people will actually click the links. I have NEVER clicked one of those ad links before. Do I get paid when someone clicks a link or when the item is sold? Sorry for so many questions!
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    Hello. It doesn't matter what product you sell the key part of internet marketing is generating traffic. In order to realize a return on your investment, you need to generate traffic to your marketing pages. There are a number of ways to do so online. Some of the most popular include Google AdSense, Overture, and Looksmart. Other methods include affiliate programs and targeted website advertising. Research other websites that have the audience you're looking for and negotiate favorable ad rates for your online marketing campaign.
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    Super affiliates are probably the fastest and easiest way to generate income.
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    Hey good for you for starting, it takes a while for all the pieces of the puzzle to all fit together in your head but they will - its a rewarding process. You can check out my website (free membership just for Warrior forum members) that takes you through this process - training and stuff to tell you how to start & optimize a website...you can sign up free then look on the left hand Training menu - takes you modules explain the whole website building, link building and tracking process. Will give you a good overview...or click here to go straight to the training modules without signing up for the other stuff

    Also recommend Brad Callens free ebook the SEO mindset its helpful as are his other free ebooks
    IF You Want Great Exposure For Your SEO OR IM services, tools, or software LIST YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE FREE HERE. Get Do follow links back to your website, collect rave reviews you can post on your pages and tons of exposure with a full page profile listing for FREE! FREE EBOOK Internet Marketing On Autopilot SEO Made Easy Download Free SEO Ebook
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    How about choosing a Click Bank product that interests YOU. Or something in the area of health, how get fit, healthy eating, loosing weight is always a popular one. Also one that has a relatively high "gravity" (think that means it's popular) or just something within he top ten of a particular category. Just a few ideas!

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