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by xento
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I'm having a hard time searching for and finding a good answer on this, would greatly appreciate opinions of experienced seo people.

Suppose you have a keyword containing "how to" such as "how to find car rental deals", and suppose also it has these fictive stats from the google keyword tool:

broad: 60k global monthly
phrase: 15k global monthly

Then, suppose you register "howtofindcarrentaldeals.com" to rank for that keyword.

If "how to" are stopwords, can they still help you target the 15k phrase search and give you an edge there? In other words, are stopwords only ignored in broad searches or are they also ignored in exact phrase searches?
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    ive never heard of this, but it makes me wonder because i just registered a how to domain
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      While searching on google for an answer I came across an older thread from warriorforum which seems to point out that stop words are in fact taken into account in phrase searches.


      From this, I understand that if the exact phrase with stop words has enough searches to justify going after it, it should work, but don't go after a broad search with stop words because you may end up out of your league.
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    howtofindcarrentaldeals.com. Ranking has little to do with your domain name. Content, language, links and time is what matters. Brand your site. Leave the domain name gimmicks to others.
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    I think it depends on if it's popular or not, you will have to do your keyword research just like with other long tail keywords
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