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I have found a site that is about a year old that is on a subject I follow that all of a sudden is showing up on page 1 position 1 on google but has few links and I don't remember right now if it even has a page rank. The site doesn't look at all special to me in anyway so can anyone tell me why in the word it is in this position. Because my site that I have been working on for over a year is on page 15 and have used every seo tactic that I have read and advice from people on this site and others and if there is something really new to use I want to use it because if this site can be where it is my site should be much closer to the front then it is, check out the site it is. Some people told me it may be there because it is new and will drop off soon but it has been here for over a month already. If this guy is doing something special we should all be doing it too,
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    I wouldn't worry about why this site has number one spot, but instead concentrate on why your website is on page 15 (!). It would be more beneficial if you've provided your website's url instead of this one.

    Google recently implemented algorithm that gives better spots to "new" content, so that can be one of the reasons why this site is ranking better than others. It seems indeed that this site doesn't have a lot of links (around 170), but its PR2. What's PR of your website?

    Judging from the lack of paragraphs in your post, I can only hope you do not implement same "strategy" on your website
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