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So I have a new niche in mind that I plan on getting into this winter. It is something I am really passionate about, and should really be able to put out good quality content for.

There are 2-3 other "Authority" level blogs in this niche, but plenty of demand to go around for all of us.

However I am having trouble finding a good domain name to set up my blog around. The niche is a specific sport, and most of the following type domains are gone:


My options seem to be going for .net or .org domains (which many of which are also taken), adding extra words like "best" or "top," using hyphens in the domain, or going with something less keyword based, and geared more towards branding.

Any thoughts?
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    I'm a big fan of hyphenating words in domains. Other people hate them. For example, which looks better, this missslowdriversstory.com OR miss-slow-drivers-story.com. I think you get the idea. Anyway, don't want to start a hyphen vs. no hyphen style debate. You can also try xxxtrainingandfitness.com or xxxfitnesstraining.com. That way, you'll rank for xxxtraining AND xxxfitness. I hope this helps you out (you can use the thanks button ).
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    I know how you feel man.

    It sucks when all the good domains are taken. All I can say is make sure to ALWAYS grab the .com!

    Good luck

    I'm the "Top Dog" when it comes to marketing.

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      Most of the two word domains have been taken in their hyphenated form also (eg xxx-training.com), and I am hesitant to go for non-.coms.

      xxxtrainingfitness.com is available, which xxx training and xxx fitness total about 11,000 exact searches.

      The other options is several niche specific two word domains which I have found. An example (in another niche though) would be basketballbench or homerunbaseball
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    Google will see your hyphen as a space. I like hyphens for niche domains.

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    The main keyword(s) should be part of the domain name.

    For example:

    freecoolbeer.com ... main keywords could be free beer

    It depends on the xxx hehehe

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    Since your goal is to build an authority blog and domain name loses its impact in the long run,
    I'd suggest a domain leaned towards branding, like xxxfitnessworld.com or something like that.

    Definitely against hyphens, 'top', 'best' and such in domain, make you look unprofessional.
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