What is your top tip for being organised

by carolf
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I am def working smarter since I joined the war room. Learning bits about what works and what doesnt work.

I want to step up more in terms of focus and being organised and not getting distracted.

Do you have a system you use to keep your projects well organised.

someone recommended Zoho projects so I am off to take a look

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    I use a white board and a note card for the broad view of my projects, as far as the daily tasks I use swift to do.
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    Hi carolf,

    What is your top tip for being organised
    De-clutter your computer, your rooms, your life and your head on a regular and consistent basis.

    Do you have a system you use to keep your projects well organised.
    Keep things simple. Be brutal about deleting and dumping or selling anything you don't actually need.

    The golden rule is that although we naturally accumulate stuff, it's important to remember that most of our greatest triumphs are actually achieved with the minimum of stuff - there's a reason for that.

    There's also a reason why we end up with so much stuff - people who have their own (not our) best interests at heart are always trying to sell us more stuff and therefore find reasons to suggest that we need more stuff.

    Ignore them. Be stuff-free.

    Sometimes, the things which we look for to help us organise our stuff are actually unnecessary stuff themselves.

    Roger Davis

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    I use Gqueues (it's a google product). You create a queue of tasks for a certain project, can order them by date, set reminders etc. I believe you can also allocate certain tasks to other people which is great for outsourcing. It's not free but it's definitely worth it.
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    Use CTRL + W often.

    Keep your files neat and organized.. lol simply said.

    Don't have a cluttered office space.

    If you are in a clean office, you are more likely to have a clean setup on your computer (IMO).

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      Originally Posted by Justin Lewis View Post

      Use CTRL + W often.
      Didn't knew about this...so I stupidly tried that.

      Nice tip, I'd say. :p

      - Sahil @ Twitter

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        I download anything and everything related to internet marketing on a separate hard drive. I label the downloads and what not with the date and time and an actual file name that will make me recognize exaclty what it is.

        I write down goals of the day and the week. Anything technical that takes me more than a few hours goes right to my outsource list.

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    awesome responses and Justin I now have some content to write so

    I am about to your tip ctrl + w

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    Hi Carolf,

    I have looked into various systems but all they have done is given me more reason to procrastinate learning all about how to work them!

    So I went back to basics and keep it easy and simple. I am a huge fan of keeping my email and documents library in order - I currently have 4 emails to deal with in my inbox - (I have a slight OCD). I am also a fan of using to do lists (which I write weekly and daily).

    To keep myself focused I give myself tasks and treat myself when I complete them.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have a large calendar all over my wall. I write everything I need to do for the next few days. It works for me.

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    Getting organized. Putting in the effort of getting organized can help reduce stress levels long term by requiring less last-minute scrambling in a variety of everyday situations. However, getting organized is more difficult than it initially sounds. For example, how organized must you be? When do you know when you’re ‘organized enough’? And what are the most important areas of life for getting organized? You can be organized in your life in a host of ways.
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    For me being organized is a real issue.
    I have tried very hard to improve myself in time management since time is money.
    What I do, and I’ve seen a great difference by doing it, is this.
    I write down the most important tasks of the day on a whiteboard.
    The general project and the task(s) of the day.
    Then I stick some post its with more detailed steps under each task (I use small magnets for doing so)
    I write down more detailed plans in a diary.
    I also organize my desk space. I use bins and storage containers.
    I clean my desk before starting a project (put everything In a pile and place the pile on the floor). I keep on the desk only the bear minimum of what I m going to use (paper, e-books, samples etc).
    By far the most important thing I do is to write down the most important task of the day on the board the night before. That way I can start working right away on it next day without spending time on figuring out what to do. First hours of each day sets the pace of the whole day so it’s important to start right away dealing with the most important task.
    I hope that helps.
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    Very Easy:

    1) I maintain a to-do list (a handwritten note I carry in my pocket)
    2) Keep my desktop (both on the screen and tangible) clutter free.
    3) Organize my documents, files and folders properly, so I can find anything without having to look too much.
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    All brilliant
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    Plan ahead your daily do's and schedule tasks beforehand...also sticky notes are my best friend =)
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    Have you used google calender? It sends you SMS of your next task... have used it..
    but now I am using sticky post..great way to become focused
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    For what I think I'll be working on, I created a folder called "Projects" on my hard drive and created and named each subfolder with the specific subject. Inside each subfolder is where all the needed info and files are saved. Now I know where everything is... It's starting to accumulate so now is probably the time to move the finished projects in a completed project folder... And remove anything else that have been abandoned and will probably never get done.
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