WSO? IM only or would you buy a self development one

by carolf
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well the titles says it all.

i am a coach and my niche is getting people into great habits to experience outstanding mental health.

would you buy an wso in my niche or are you only interested in IM products?
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    Well this is an internet marketing forum...

    I'm not sure how many Warriors would be interested in a self development product/service.
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  • Carol - you should not try and sell what you want to a market, but rather what the market wants. This market isn't really about self development, and Jason Moffatt has tried this kind of approach in the past and spoken about how he has struggled to sell what he is personally interested in to a crowd that are really after something else.

    Some quick research on top selling WSOs would tell you this isn't a good market to message match for what you want to do.
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    People here are mostly interested in self development products to sell rather than to use themselves. So create a reseller package and it would probably sell.
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    I have noticed some self development WSOs here, and I think some do well. If you can tailor the product to be more about motivation/a positive outlook that can then allow you to be more successful in your online business, I think it would have potential here.
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    First of all according to me you will not get good sales here at WF because people who are on this forum are related to IM industry and very less people will buy your WSO...

    So here's my recommendation

    1- get a domain name related to your product
    2- make a sales page on it like other products !
    3- Now join forums related to your product
    4- and use your product link at your SIG on the forum !!
    5- Join around 5-10 top forums and you will really make good amount of sales !!

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    Hey Carol,

    There are quite a few NLPers and coaches in the forum so there are some people interested in this area, but as people have said - it's a hard sell to IMers - hence why we're not selling that type of product here ourselves.

    I've seen people take a slightly angled approach and sell "how NLP makes people buy your stuff when used in your sales copy" type approach in order to make the round peg fit the square hole, but coaching is a bit software and harder to sell in this niche unless you can tie it into making sales.


    nothing to see here.

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    Depends! It can work if you create the WSO so it has real value. A lot of WSOs are coaching programs in a sense. They basically state what we need to do in order to earn some dough. If you can implement your coaching techniques along these lines, you can have a winner in your hands.

    NLP stuff seems interesting for some people, as a coach you probably know what I am talking about. NLP writing, NLP mind switch, psychological techniques.

    In my perspective this forum is not ready for the alternative, meditation like, programs so I would drop that.
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    It seems that the opinions are mixed so I would try it if I were you.

    Again, if you can spin it to be more in alignment with IM success for this forum, I think that would help you.

    I do believe that you should promote this on other sites more related to self improvement.
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    Hey carolf

    IMHO, I believe that a few people's feedbacks are not sufficient to determine if it is an opportunity

    This may be an Internet Marketing forum but you will never know for sure if there is a niche opportunity for self-development products until you get a sample of people and ask
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      I think it depends on how it's done. People here want to make money. How can your personal development product help me make money?
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    If you can make money with it people on this forum will buy. I have seen a lot of crazy promising product being sold by hundreds when it was clear that is a total bull****.

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    ohhhhhhhhhhh what a load of delicious answers. I have a seed of an idea.

    you all rock
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    Hi Carolf,

    I love self development and am always looking out for new products to enable my growth so I would be interested in purchasing something like that but the majority of people who come to this forum are looking to make money with internet marketing.

    If you create a self development product that promises to stop procrastination and help them become focused and make them money I'm sure you'd have a big hit.

    People also always look for business in the box type packages so if you could create a few PLR articles and reports on self development then I'm sure people would buy them.

    once you have created your product you could start a thread asking for reviews that way you can see how many people are interested by the response and the amount of views.

    All the best
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      I think a lot of people that run their own business pay a lot of attention to self development because it takes some effort to keep motivation, focus and creativity going when you're your own boss.

      I'm not sure about the technicalities of selling a self development product as a WSO or whether people would but it.

      I agree with Suzanne though. If you created the product and then sold reseller rights of PLR with it, it should do quite nicely because people can make money from it. It is a forum for marketers after all.

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      I just am filled with glee at this joint.

      dont tell the guys upstairs but I would pay monthly what they charge for a one of fee

      shhhhhhhhhh dont tell them

      ok I am totally inspired to create something really outstanding now.

      I will be back, I am going on a silent meditation retreat soon and I just did a firewalk

      I believe something really cool might just emerge from it.

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    It depends what angle you take if you make a personal development course. If you can relate it to productivity and internet marketing (like the "inner game" of IM) I can see that selling well.

    I know Jason Fladlien has a product called "How to Double Your Productivity For Life In just 48 Hours" that sold super well. Not sure if he launched it as a WSO first.
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    I would say this: why wouldn't you try? Especially if you have a ready (or almost ready) product that you can offer here... I don't think Warriors wouldn't be interested if all is presented in the way they can profit in their IM business with your advices... it is a great idea to offer them a reseller pack or maybe even PLR pack... you can offer content creation services to Warriors in that niche... or you could create products from them through WSOs ... options are limitless and I'm sure you can find some good solutions for you
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    I think it would have a place here as a WSO as the mindset of someone trying to make money online is often confused.

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    People in the WSO market are looking for push button, no work solutions sold with tons of hype. If you do not have that it will not sell.

    The main ingredient for a successful WSO is to focus on the no work instant results side of things.
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      Originally Posted by Shannon Herod View Post

      People in the WSO market are looking for push button, no work solutions sold with tons of hype. If you do not have that it will not sell.

      The main ingredient for a successful WSO is to focus on the no work instant results side of things.
      Really good observation Shannon! I totally agree.

      But let's be honest here- No PUSH BUTTON magic pill solution actually exists...

      So the next best thing to do is SELL to them what they want but GIVE them what they need.
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