How domain name infringement cases are settled within the UK

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Interesting articles which shows that domain name infringement is not always as cut and dry as it seem....

BBC News - Wayne Rooney and a decade of .uk domain name disputes
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    It's rarely cut and dried. That's what there are rich intellectual property lawyers. The thing you have to ask yourself when thinking about registering a trademarked domain is do you want to spend the money to defend it and possibly lose it or get a big fine to pay if you sued successfully. Not worth it to me.
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      The registrant played it wrong here - or his lawyers did.

      He's already essentially admitted to "passing off" by claiming it was intended as a fan site for the footballer. It represents that person. It represents "cashing in" on that person.

      If on the other hand the registrant suggested it had nothing to do with the footballer, which would have been believable given the registration date when the footballer was far from his prime, the case would have been so much stronger.
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    Some great stories.. I could sit for hours reading them

    The Starbucks one is class.
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      When I first started out I registered two domains (dot com and dot with "ebaynews" in them, at that time I didn't know any better. Ebay were very soon on my case and requested transfer. I obliged post haste and because of my quote helpfullness unquote ebay sent me a $200 cheque as compensation. So not all bad from the big players.
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