Has anyone ever done business with this domain company?

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They were formerly known as InTrustdomains and are now known as Epix or some variation of the word Epic. I purchased a couple of domains from them at somewhat inflated prices, but many of their reps didn’t appear to have their stuff together. I once received a phone call from someone who contacted me because I owned the .net and .org version of a .com that was soon to be expiring and wanted to know if I wanted to purchase the .com for $100, they mispronounced the name of the domain and I had to think for a minute and figure out what domain they were actually referring to. Has anyone else done business with this company are they legit or just one or more domain squatters out to make a buck?
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    I get contacted from time to time about expiring .com's where i own the .net/org but they always email me. ( not this company )

    I'd suggest you get them to email you so you can research them better.
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    I have not heard of this company, but why would you not use a legit service like GoDaddy... I once had a problem with my domain holder who happened to be also my host, but the end result is that my domain ended up being down for 90 days before I could buy it back with GoDaddy. Nice thing about GoDaddy is you can get domains very cheap because more often then not there's a promo code that can be found for them, you can register a brand new .com for less than $8... sorry that I couldn't be of more help in specifically answering your question.

    But the reason I mention this is with GoDaddy you can pay like $20 to register a buyback domain and as soon as that domain becomes available, GoDaddy will register it under your name. (The $20 includes a 1 year registration.)

    The $100 seems to be a standard price for what you're being offered (if it's a newly expired domain.)

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    I usually get these sort of offers in e-mail but this was a rare instance where someone actually called me, I had done business with them in the past at that point so the fact that they’d call wasn’t particularly strange, but the fact the rep would mispronounce a domain name they wanted $100 for was a little on the bizarre side. The mispronunciation was so great that it could have been an entirely different domain.

    I use GoDaddy as a primary source for registering new domains and renewing existing domains. I’m referring to being contacted in instances where another person/company has already gotten ahold of a .com version of a domain you own with another extension and contacts you trying to sell it to you often pretending that others aside from you are also interested even when more often than not this isn’t the case.
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    It sounds like an automated promo email to me.
    If you are interested in the offer, give them a call, otherwise file under J for junk.
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    Doesn't sound very legit to me. I only use highly recognized registrars like Godaddy and Namecheap
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    A unique perspective of this situation is perhaps the fact that this rep mispronounced your domain, reflects on what some of your customers see as well, you obviously know what your domain says, but perhaps someone who knows nothing of you could mispronounce your domain name, this type of information is useful when creating your branding strategy.

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