A letter to the aspiring affiliate:

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Here are some words that I wish I could send out in the e-mail welcomingo an affiliate an affiliate to a program, especially those that are starting out, or hovering around for a while making some attempts here and there.

Dear Affiliate
Your application has been approved and we are glad to welcome you to the abcdefg.com affiliate program.
Please note the following ideas regarding your choice to become an affiliate:
There is so much information going around, there is so much to learn in such a short period of time, that you are bound to get lost. So, the best advice is to dedicate enough time to learning.
The best way to learn is to launch your own website. Buy a domain, find hosting and go through the process of setting up a website. Learn the basic HTML, learn some basic image design, and have your own place to implement what you learn.
If you just keep on reading, without any implementation, you will not understand. Open up an account with an affiliate program like adsense, cj, kontera, or any one of your liking. For the purpose of your first, second and third websites - it doesn't really matter what they are about, and the Most important thing to remember is that those sites are NOT supposed to generate you ANY MONEY AT ALL.

Your life will be so much easier if you understand that.

Next, you will probably follow a few of those courses teaching you about making money. Trust me, you don't need to buy any " xx secrets to success" or "the way to dominate google", or whatever. There are many good ebooks, videos, articles, and discussions that you can learn from which are offered for free or for opt in.
Do yourself a favor and implement immediately what you read. You will not learn anything, not understand what people are saying, and will not get anywhere if you don't follow the step by step instructions. Have fun with going through setting up a site, learning the ABC of SEO, or list building or socializing or article writing, whatever method you would like to follow. You are teaching yourself a profession. Going to a trade school takes anywhere from 3-5, why do you think this one is any different?
The truth is that no one succeeds immediately in any online venture. I have ran many affiliate programs. Out of thousands of affiliates signing up, few actually make money. It takes time to build a good website with decent traffic that can then be converted into customers. Do not pressure yourselves into making any money at all for at least a year or two.

The affiliates that are making a living off the internet work hard, very hard, they are dedicated and they developed their own marketing channel over a long period of time. Like in any other trade, they are good at what they do, and they developed over time and experience. Don't skip the part of your own website, no web 2.0 property will make you rich, or be there for you in the long run, like your own domain can and will. Use all the properties that are offered on the web for free, but don't base a career on them.

Another key point is that many have worked as employees in online companies, many of you reading this now, are. You are not exempt from the need to build up your own website, and manage all the aspects relating to it by yourselves. the door goes both ways, there are many who were able to find good jobs after teaching themeself online marketing skills.

If you enjoy the internet, if you can teach yourself new skills, and have the needed patience to grow organically, then you have a chance of having a piece of the pie.

All the best
Your Affiliate Manager
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    Dear may,

    That was an extremely creative letter and I think any new affiliate would be glad to receive that and would benefit from the sound advice as well.

    I'm the "Top Dog" when it comes to marketing.

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    That's mostly good information but I think most affiliates will ignore it and go post their affiliate links on new WP blogs that are totally unrelated to the product niche.

    After all, all they have to do is throw those links out there and the sales will come easily! Right?
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      While the hook is very creative and the information mostly sound, if I got this from a so-called affiliate manager, I'd be really confused...

      Aff: Hi, I want to promote your stuff!

      Mgr: Great. First you have to spend two years doing this other stuff before you think of promoting our stuff.

      Aff: Oh. Thanks anyway...
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    Good advice for first time marketers.
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