If I want to create a forum, do I need dedicated server?

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Fellow Warriors,

If I want to create a forum, do I need dedicated server? Or at least VPS? Or it's OK with shared server? Or maybe I need to host it myself and buy my own server?

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    It depends on how big your forum will be and how much traffic you are getting.

    If your forum is small, then the shared hosting should be ok.
    But if you think your forum will be very active near future, then VPS would be the good choice.

    Of course the dedicated server is awesome, but it's quite costly, so you will have to consider your ROI.
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      At first no not at all, but if it were to grow big enough you'd want to.
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    If you build it, they will come.
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    There are plenty of sites that will host a forum,I would suggest using a paid one so you can have your own ads running.
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    most forum software do not have a need for a dedicated box, at least till the forum makes enough to pay for it
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    it all depends on how big is your forum ,,, I used to own a vbulletin forum , in the beginning it smoothly worked on normal hosting but when i started getting some serious traffic then i moved to dedicated server
    so as long you have less visitors then you can use normal hosting
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    I'd go with shared hosting until you think you need more. Why go to the expense until you find out how big and popular your forum will be? It's not easy getting a forum to grow quickly. Takes a lot of work usually.
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