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Hi there

I need some ideas from you guys who have experience in monetizing Fan Pages and general IM.

I have a Fan Page with just over 280 000 people who have "liked" it. The page is very active with daily content added by myself. I also have a website (which accompanies the page) which to be perfectly honest has been neglected in favour of the FB page. However now I have made a conscious effort to add content to the site. There is also an iphone app that I have had some success with.

The niche it is in music (house/dance music/clubbing) and is based around a major travel destination. So far I have made some money by affiliate links to hotels, car hire and club entry tickets. I have also started to sell some merchandise too.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas which I may have overlooked. With this amount of people I would of thought that I could generate some good money from it. I was thinking of putting some advertising on the site for local businesses once the traffic increases.

The only other option I was considering was selling a Clickbank product like "How to be a DJ" or similar.

I do not wish to advertise the site in this post however if you would like to see the FB page please pm and I will send you the link.

I really look forward to any advice or ideas that you may have.

Thanking you in advance.
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    Great job so far, that's a lot of fans for your specific niche. How sure are you that they're all in the destination area? If you can find that out it will help you with monetizing. If 40% of the fans are outside of the area and have no plans on traveling, you'll be leaving money on the table if you only promote local offers.

    To get a general idea of who your fans are you could send them a survey, or even ask questions like 'Who's going to club X tonight?' and see how much participation that generates.

    If you used ads to build your following and targeted that area obviously you know who your fans are and won't need to do this.

    Anyways my thoughts are: keep tweaking the offers you're doing now. Test different offers, try different types of content and promotional methods, etc. Keep track of your numbers so you can contact businesses in the area and work with them.

    Also are you on any CPA networks? I don't know any relevant offers off the top of my head but that would be something to check out. Generally CPA offers work much better than affiliate offers when promoting via social media.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    Well done, that's a great figure for a fan page - now is definitely the time to think how to use it to your advantage.

    As you are based on the music/clubbing niche you could consider contacting clubs and see if they would like to advertise on your site.

    That's a good idea for a Clickbank book, you could also have information on how to club on a budget (as so many people want to visit clubbing destinations and know how expensive it can be) also finding work in these destinations over the clubbing months (a resource list) many people would buy into that.

    You could see if there are any CPA offers that are in the niche and then advertise them to your fans (maybe by doing a competition - with a pop up box of the CPA offer).

    Well done and here's to your get continued success.
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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your input.

    I think I am going to start to work on the website and move some traffic from the Fan Page to the site. I think it will be easier to monetize. I will probably get a Clickbank product on there and get some of the local business to advertise, once the traffic builds up.

    Many thanks for your help

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      Hey @JackStriker i just added you on skype ,
      add me back at Skype: frasersellhealth
      i will give you a step by step way to monetize the crap outta that traffic,
      I have many music/pop culture blogs and social media accounts and i will show you what i do to make consistent money everyday from them,
      talk soon
      ps i not gonna try and sell you anything ,

      Fraser Mackie
      Affiliate Manager

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        Originally Posted by Fraser SellHealth View Post

        Hey @JackStriker i just added you on skype ,
        add me back at Skype: frasersellhealth
        i will give you a step by step way to monetize the crap outta that traffic,
        I have many music/pop culture blogs and social media accounts and i will show you what i do to make consistent money everyday from them,
        talk soon
        ps i not gonna try and sell you anything ,

        Hi there! I saw you thread on helping out with information on monetizing with social media and blogs for the music/travel industry. I live in Spain and I'm about to build on of those here. Do you mind helping out on how to start things well instead of doing it wrong and waste my time and illusion? I have the opportunity to do it here because I used to work with Dj's and PR's from Barcelona Club's. Now, instead of working from inside I'd love to have my own space for reviews and work with all of them. What I could offer? From where to start? and to where I could arrive? Could i see examples of your work?
        Many thanks for helping a newbie.
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    Hey Jack,

    You already have received some great suggestions and you're already doing some
    awesome things... Congrats by the way on those numbers.

    Here are some out of the box suggestions... Now i still don't fully understand WHY
    those people have become fans... I know you say its about Clubbing & Music but the
    Major Travel Destination is what is throwing me off...

    Regardless, here is a couple of ideas...

    1. Run a Contest of some type. If I understand correctly it about a destination so lets
    say Cancun, Mexico for example... If this is right... Then I would get clubs and maybe
    a travel agency that provides services for that area... And get them to offer free gift
    certs as prizes and let that page Go Viral As ****!

    I would use a "Contest Burner" type app OR I;ve gotten WSO's with FB Contest for like
    $10 that you could use also... The more people they invite the better their chance of
    winning the prizes.

    2. If it were me... Before I spent a single SECOND on creating a product or pushing
    something hard as the monetization strategy... I would run a TEST!

    Setup a landing page offering a Free eBook on "How to Become A DJ"... BEFORE you
    actually create the eBook.

    For those that opt-in have them brought to a Thank You Page that says...

    "Thanks, Creating eBook Now which we'll be selling soon... Below you see a survey
    asking for your 3 biggest questions your looking to learn!"

    This will not only tell you if there is interest for that topic BUT also let you know
    exactly what they are looking to learn from that eBook. Then you can just research
    the top asked questions, format it and boom you have an eBook you know the market
    is looking for and exactly what info will make them satisfied.

    We to often decide what our markets wants... Instead of just asking them?

    3. Also, you could easily just ask them using a survey and offer a bonus for completing
    and skipping the ebook front end all together.

    Again, I don't truly understand the angle... However, I hope this helps think a lil' out side
    the box and gets the wheels turning for you.

    Good luck

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    How about approaching some of the artists/management to put together an exclusive and one-off compilation mix and sell it through the page and iTunes?
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    How about you start collecting emails by giving away
    some free music? Since the page is about music/clubbing,
    people probably would love that.

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    what a great job you`ve done, same like me, i looking forward to figure it out how to monetize music with indie music niche
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