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Hi fellow warriors...

Earlier this year, after being inspired by Andrew Locks web based tv show, I envisaged doing something similar for my passion and niche. A show based around magic and magicians.

I ran 4 weekly episodes as a trial and garnered around 150 subscribers.

After a hiatus ( procrastination, work and so on) I am now looking to seque it into an online magic magazine. Text and video with a downloadable PDF with QR codes where the video bits are, so that one can still view the relevant video on a smartphone.

Since researching possible 'competitors' and 'the niche' even more I came across this MAGIC Magazine | The Digital Magazine for Magicians I used to be a subscriber of the hard copy of this magazine, and it is considered to be one of the best out there in the field for magic and magicians.

I have so many thoughts ranging from, despondency (due to this type of mag already being available, by a BIG name), to...well it shows there is a market for it.

If I am to proceed, I also feel that 'my magazine' will not look anywhere as 'cool' being on a wp framework.

Anyway, my ask is this...and not wishing to copy the format, just better understand the delivery, can any warrior advise or say what or how the magazine in the above link is produced.

The tools I have are a Headway theme ( previously gabfires advanced newspaper), hosting, domain, evp2

I have invested in 'my success' by purchasing over two years some tools, software, and plugins, all with a view to make my readers/viewers experience a good one. Heck I even have DAP ( but not installed for this site as yet).

I have posted threads previously asking for advice on various aspects and have taken action to push forward, so any advice will be greatfully received.

Thanks for reading and hope there is a warrior out there who can help...possibly mentor and keep me on track.


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    Personally, I think it might look cooler being on WP.

    All I saw when I went to that site was an ipad app link. Going up a level, I see links to buy old issues - PDFs, I assume.

    I think you could really kick butt presentation-wise with some nice WP theming and killer content. I don't know the industry enough to know if you'd be able to monetize it very well - that's your department

    As an outsider, I wouldn't view you any less being on WP - just present it well with great content. I understand getting despondent when you see a bigger competitor, but it does validate the market (at least to a degree).

    Good luck!

    Michael Kimsal
    http://heywords.com/ - for article writers

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    Thanks Michael, seeing that a way forward I have for my online presence is already out there did initially make me feel...aaargh, you know that gut feeling that one can get.

    I am so grateful for this community here on WF and it was my first port of call to seek advice and hopefully assistance.As well as reassurance...

    Thanks for your input and thoughts that my way forward is still a valid and valuable one.

    In the link I think it also shows a well known magician/entertainer Mac King detailing Magic Magazines' iPad interaction.

    I am curious as to what they're delivery system is as it flows really well on an iPad.

    Your reply has stopped my feeling oh s**t and know my 'outing' will have a different edge at least.

    Re monetization I'm going with subscription initially and even though I have subscribers ( not being attended to with constant emails) I will be doing a 'product launch' using my jvpress theme.

    "One step at a time, get it out there and increase it's base as I go. Prolific instead of perfect". Words of wisdom shared with me by friends.

    Thanks again

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    The "world wide" web is such a huge place, that there's more than enough to go around for everyone :-)

    Don't worry about the big names. You don't have to directly compete against them.

    Your content will of course, be key here.

    Give away lots more free content, add a more personal touch that the big guys can't do themselves. And being an Internet marketer, you can probably use social media and videos much better than those guys.

    You could even think about how to differentiate your offering from theirs.

    Maybe you could gear it more towards beginners? The site you sent us to did not seem like a site for those looking to *learn* about magic. No marketer's touch there.

    How about creating content for kids and young adults? And fathers of kids and young adults who want to impress their kids' friends at a birthday party? :-)

    I've been there myself, and that's actually how I ended up dabbling a bit with Ventriloquism several years ago. I even started a web site back in 2007 - How To Throw Your Voice - which never went anywhere as I got busy with other products - like DAP :-)

    Plus there were no big Vent products to promote back then, and neither did I ever get around to creating my own how-to product, but you can see how the average dad/mom/kid/teenager will want to learn tricks to impress someone.

    Maybe you could gear your content more towards "teaching" magic, than an "All about magic" kind of wider theme which is what the other site seems to be.

    If the other site is a "Wired.com" for magic, yours could be more like a "Lynda.com"-style, vertical, "How To" site offering plenty of exciting tricks and tips.

    Just a few random thoughts :-)

    Good luck with the project! And since you already said you own a copy of DAP, you know where to go if you have any DAP-related questions :-)


    - Ravi Jayagopal
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    I went to your site, it is good. Use some unique keywords, which have not use by your competitors. Add social sites to get more traffic. Wish you luck!
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    My only advice is about WP, too - don't sell your 'look' capabilities short. Anything that can be done with 'look' can be done on WP too.
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    Wordpress would be my preferable option...you can do anything with the design and there are Warriors on the Forum that can help you do this if needed. Being easier to SEO as well and list build it is ideal.
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    Hi guys, thank you so much for all of your feedback. Ive been away on tour, and am in London right now (after running a successful competition on my site with CB. Sure I made a mistake on just having the competition on the site but it did help in acquiring sign ups as well as rankings.

    My plan as of now is to garner as much content for the monthly magazine, (not a blog, website or membership site...but in reality, its all three, as its all about positioning in the eyes of those who purchase issues).Ravi, I already as you know have DAP for another one of my sites (which has taken a back seat whilst I focus and push the boat out on the magazine, Ill have to get it on MagicNews also. Great ideas re digging deeper into the niche around teaching to beginners...as a busker I generate large crowds and always have questions re where to start learning magic. I will be leveraging (sic) those who ask to further propagate the site with all the marketing tools I have and know of.

    I used to sell dvds from the show, but selling one dvd is not as good as leveraging that one person to reach more...and so on.

    In the past Ive gone off half cocked with my foray into the net, and had to play catch up. Not this time.

    I will produce enough content to have in 3 issues before the pre-launch and therefore will be ahead of the game, so to speak.

    Re playing with the big boys, again Ravi, no one in this field is utilising the power of persuasion to grow a subscriber base...affiliates and so on...so I feel I will be ahead and be the one to subscribe to.

    I'm just one guy, but on-line, I could be a team (which I am I suppose as I have so much support from colleagues and here on warrior forum).

    Thanks so much for all your advice. Ill revisit this thread during my wee tour, collate, and take action.


    James Hessler
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