How do you price your WSO? $7.00? $9.95? $12.00?

by Zesh
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I have bought a lot of WSO on this forum. Most of them are excellent and always a pleasure to snap up a bargain..LOL but I really want to ask a question.

As a WSO Seller, how do you determine the price of your WSO?

Do you charge low or go with a higher price straight away?

I have noticed people are pricing their WSO at $9.95? Is this the best price?

Do you find that lower price gets more conversions? I know it depends on the content but how do you decide the price?


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    Originally Posted by Zesh View Post

    I have noticed people are pricing their WSO at $9.95? Is this the best price?
    The tested and proven "best" pricing for a WSO is:

    - Dime sale $2 to $9.95 on the front end with 100% affiliate commission
    - OTO $17 on the back end with 50% affiliate commission

    Whether this is the best pricing for your WSO is a question only you can answer.

    In any case, prices are basically pulled out of your arse. Over time, you just get better at pulling out good ones.
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    There is no right or wrong answer here. The best price is the one that leaves your customers feeling as though they have ripped YOU off.

    The price you choose can also portray your confidence in the product. Don't price it too low just because you are worried about cheap skates not wanting to purchase it. If you are confident in your product and believe it offers great value then set a solid price and stick to it.

    I've seen countless split tests done where raising the price of the product actually increased sales. Don't be tempted to always undersell yourself. Be confident in your product and it will show.
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    I am not speaking from direct experience selling wso's because I've never sold one. However, I have been in direct response marketing for some time now and there are several factors to consider when pricing an item for sale. Remember KLT (know, like, trust) Do your fellow warriors know like and trust you? How many posts do you have and how long have you been with the forum? If you have a ton of posts and thanks, people would be more likely to pay a higher price for your wso.

    Look at what other similar products are going for and beat the price. Mention that other products like this one one warrior forum are going for more, but you are pricing it lower because you want to build a customer base and introduce yourself as someone who provides good content and value at a fair price.

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    Good question Zesh,

    I'd say price it at what you think it's worth. :p

    I don't mean to be cryptic here but my take is that you spent a lot of time and energy developing your product/course/method and presumably, it'll bring a lot of value to others.

    So don' t rip yourself off in exchange for your sweat and blood. The irony with selling something super cheap is that the customer's investment is often proportional to their dedication in learning the information and applying it, so pricing too low can actually be a disservice to your buyers!
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    I learned in John Thornhills WSO Domination course that $5 is a good price.
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      Originally Posted by Audubon View Post

      I learned in John Thornhills WSO Domination course that $5 is a good price.
      Silly comment and if someone is telling you price X is the best price to use for WSO's then they don't know what they are talking about. You can't just name a price and assume it suits every WSO you create. Well you can, but you would be crazy to do so.

      Even if there is a 'best' price that has been tested to work well for a large proportion of WSO's... it means absolutely nothing to your WSO. Only YOU know the value of your product. I certainly don't price my WSO's at $5 and I can assure you I've sold a ton more of them than people who have.

      It's like asking me how a car company would price a car. Would they all just price them at $27,990? No, it depends on the features of that particular model.
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