What's the best way to get targeted visitors to a page with a giveaway product?

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I consider to start building a list.
I've never done it and I want to try it
and I understand that I need to include an attractive giveaway product
but my question is to the experienced list builders - what's the best way to get a lot of targeted visitors to a giveaway product page in order to build a big list?

thank you.
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    Via PPC would be the best way.
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    Bets Way In My Personal Experience Would Be 3 ways :

    1- Solo-ads

    2- Banner Buys On targeted Sites

    3- Forum Posting An Ads on these forums!

    does not get targeted than that my friend.

    Good Luck,

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    Make sure to have an attractive Killer Squeeze Page That sucks up emails.
    You don't want to be looking like an amateur online.
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    Great advice.

    Seeking my teeth into all this great information.

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    Do a deal with others that have a big list.


    1) pay or do a solo ad mailing with them.

    2) If you have a list, promote their offer, while they promote yours. Win win.

    its all about leverage. Make money and build lists off other peoples hard work. Who said you have to work harder to make money online. Work smarter and use leverage, and then leverage of leverage. :-)
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    Facebook PPC could be the most promising, given a proper ad. It would likely be cheapest once people start talking about your giveaway, plus you can can build your Facebook fans too, and all of this most likely cheaper than AdWords... the trick is writing a good ad.

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    Mouth of the world.You should try to market the page by facebook and twitter.Build a FB fan page for it.and make more and more people like it.Post the giveaway products page to twitter followers.if someone like it,your post will be re-post on Fb and retweet on TW.Don;t forget to make full use of the social media sites.It is very strong way to get the target list.If someone is beneficial with the products.I think you will get more referrals from him/her.
    ----Choose your favorite fashion .
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