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So I have been here for some time now and I have been learning a lot but I am at a point where I just haven`t gotten anywhere ...
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    That's because along with the learning you must also DO.

    You should ...
    • Apply what you learn.
    • Learn from what you apply.
    • Give everything a try at least once.
    • Don't assume and make an ASS of U and ME.
    • Take some risks and get over your doubts.
    • What you learn is just information without action.
    • When you act on it it becomes useful knowledge.
    • Understand that the real satisfaction of learning comes from action.
    • Know that no matter how much you learn in theory, the practical life is different.
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    What if you don`t know where to start? or you have a lot of stuff that you want to do venture into?
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      Just choose your favorite idea and do nothing but hammer at it constantly. Your other ideas are cool as well, but you need to put them in the storeroom at the back of your head for now. Don't think about them!

      As for starting, it's easy!

      Here's how people make money on the internet:

      1.) They provide information about a subject or niche

      2.) Visitors come and find what they say interesting and want to know more.

      3.) They then go, 'hey you know what? Since you're so interested in this subject, I've got this great product that I think you might really need/want!

      4.) The visitors buy the product because it's exactly what they need/want.

      5.) Profit!

      Now that we've got the basics covered, you need to take your first step: providing that information. And how do you do that? By posting said information on blogs or websites, of course!

      Therefore, what you really need to do now is to learn how to build a good, targeted website where you can direct people to products that they really need/want.
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      Originally Posted by Tonylee93 View Post

      What if you don`t know where to start? or you have a lot of stuff that you want to do venture into?
      What exactly are you trying to do? If you have too many things you want to venture into, then choose the thing you are most passionate about and focus on that.
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    That`s awesome So I guess my start would be to work on my blogger blog for right now Until I learn and host my own Wordpress blog. Once I learn and host my own wordpress blog, than I need to write about a niche and then .... I guess "Host/write" A ebook? on that niche (The niche would be on anime and manga/cartoon japanese)
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    I think you're spending too much time on "learning" rather than "doing".

    You need to get out there are start practising what you've been learning and you will soon start to see the results.

    Running a business is about taking action, if you don't you won't make any money...
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      Originally Posted by headsetreviews1 View Post

      Very good point here
      What do you want to achieve?

      You don't just go out there and start learning everything ""learnable""!

      Set a goal for yourself
      chose the means to attain that goal and
      Start Working at it (applying each steps at a time)....

      Note: the internet is flooded with lots of information and thousands of ways to make money money...

      This Forum is a bank of resource... But you need to know what you want to achieve (If not you will spend your whole life learning,,..)

      Vicky Durel
      I Really Wanted to Give UP...
      Thanks to This forum... I Now Have more clients contacting me Everyday for My services...
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        How much time can you dedicate to your online business? You need to set realistic expectations and have a good plan.

        Can you find a good mentor or partner with someone? Most successful marketers have had mentors and are partnering with others.

        PM me if you have any questions, I don't go back and revisit the threads for responses very often.

        Don't give up!
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    Just focus on what you really want. If you started with blog... just continue and create unique content for it.
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    I was in the very same position as you, I eventually decided to get a mentor, and in one 3 hour session it was like the fog lifted and i had clear direction. If you want his name Tony pm me, he is good with many testimonials
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    First of all, you have to choose a method you want to follow. Stay focused and take action.
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    Absolutely, I hear it all over the Internet 'Take Action'. Use what you have learned and duplicate it. I could never write an article a year ago. now I can just drum them up and submit them to high traffic sites. Its getting the practice in, building your speed and seeing the desired results. Yep it does take time...But hey there are so many other people we can learn from. Put your knowledge into motion but keep learning everyday. Watch a webinar, read a post, use what you have learned. The first thing I loved to see was my hit counter on a website start to move. My eyes lit up. Thats the start and focusing on this.

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    Originally Posted by Tonylee93 View Post

    So I have been here for some time now and I have been learning a lot but I am at a point where I just haven`t gotten anywhere ...
    You have to have a step by step plan and work that plan every day.

    Don't have a plan, don't know where to start? Get a course that teaches you EVERYTHING.

    I have been "around" for a while but I didn't get started until less than a year ago once I bought John Thornhills One Month Mentor. You have to go step by step. Theory is great but it doesn't make you money.

    In less than a year I have built a blog, several websites, 2 products with several more in the works and I am making money.

    Bottom line you need a plan and you need to work it each and everyday. Give up some sleep and get up early and work your plan every day.

    Hope that helps.


    Always looking for Win, Win partnerships with other Ethical Internet Marketers.


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    Learning is good but it shouldn't just stop there. Take progressive, productive and persistent actions that will yield to results and profits. It's time to take what you've learned and apply it...knowledge is power but APPLIED knowledge is profit
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      I'm pretty new to IM, but even I agree that it's disheartening to see not much progress. As a lot of the responses above state, action is what's needed to be successful. I started off reading and researching alot - luckily I have a contact in the IM industry, who said STOP! Time spent researching is only a sound investment of time if you then action the research.

      There are countless amounts of 'newbies guides' on here. Pick one of them, give it a go. Give it time to see if it works, and focus all your efforts on it. If several people on WF are agreeing with the newbie guide, you can be confident that in time, with alot of work - it will pay off.

      Don't give up - I've only just started to see conversions now, and even though the amount of time I've put into my website is vast, I know that the system DOES work - so I put faith in it.

      Good lucK!


      What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

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    Part of learning is applying... making mistakes (where you will learn more)... get your feet wet. Learning & applying what you've learned go hand-in-hand. It's one thing to read something, but then to actually DO IT, that's when the light bulbs start to turn on. That's when you start having those "aha!" moments where you can then start generating ideas to continue progressing.

    I agree with the others - pick ONE project (you will easily overwhelm yourself if you get into too many things at once) and STICK with it. Keep at it. FOCUS. Over time you should/will start seeing progress towards a successful online business. Only then should you start moving on to other projects. Set daily goals and then strive to meet them!


    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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