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So I know that most IM people work with paypal to earn their money how do you guys "Bill" or recieve money?

For example: Do you guys do your service and than just ask the clients for their email/paypal account name? I guess I just don`t know how to get everything set up when I get a client and everything..
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    It is very easy. Once you get client ask them for their paypal email address
    & send them invoice using paypal "request money" feature. Client will receive invoice &will pay you.
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    To receive money, just give your email address to your client. To send money, ask the recipient's email address.
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    you can say client to singup to your account. It is easly
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    If they don't pay you, that's not really a PayPal concern. You'll have to deal with things like taking down their hosting (usually a last resort), collections, lawsuit, etc... although mentioning these options is usually enough for most clients to pay... very few clients will not pay...

    If you're worried about payment, perhaps setting up an escrow is a good idea...

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      Are you selling a service where you can set up a site with a Pay Pal button and have them pay you in advance? ...or once contracted give them the site to go seal the deal at. ???
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    If you're offering a service, set yourself up with an account on You can invoice clients directly through freshbooks, track your time, billing, etc. They have a free option that I've been using for years, and it works very well.

    As for clients not paying, that's a completely different question.

    As an aside, if you're a web developer and you don't get paid, you'd better think twice about "taking down their hosting". Talk to an attorney first - you'll find that option not as cut-and-dried as it may seem.

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