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I wrote an ebook I'm selling through ClickBank for $17. Since I've had a bit of success with another book I wrote and put on the Kindle, I've been thinking of selling this one on the Kindle too.

However, due to Amazon's payout percentages, I'd make more money if I sold the book for $9.99. But I don't want anyone who paid $17 for the book to feel like they were cheated, if I sell it for less through Kindle. I also don't want to lower the price to $9.99 on my site, especially since I'm writing an updated version and may actually want to increase the price.

Has anyone run into this problem and come up with a good solution?

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    Why can't you assume that your Kindle edition is like a WSO. Or you can place a WSO for the Kindle edition. That way you can have even more sales.
    What do you think?
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    Or, you can simply add some value-add to the Kindle version, beefing it up to justify a higher price for it.

    For example, bonus chapters, etc.
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    I ran into that dilemma a few months ago, actually Glad to know I'm not the only one!

    I ended up removing a couple of bonus sections, stripping some formatting and taking out a lot of the pictures (mostly because they didn't look good in the Kindle format) for the $9.99 version on Kindle. The full version is still available on my site for $19, and since the Kindle version is much smaller, with less formatting and pictures/illustrations, I feel that the price difference is justified.

    I do make it known to my customers that there is a condensed version for $9.99, but so far no one has chosen the cheaper price over the $19.
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