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Hello all.

Yea, I know this is my first post, but you can bet that learn something from me. I don't mean to brab but I just want you to know that you are getting a good advice here.

I hear lots of newbies talking that you can't make money from that method or from the other method so in this thread I will talk about....

Blog Posting!

We all know all the eBooks that you can buy and they will tell you where the treasure is and that after you'll buy their eBook you will find it. So lets take a look about forum posting.

All of us are posting in blogs right? But did you ever wondered why you don't get any hops from clickbank or you get a measly one or two?

Well, here is the reason.

When you post in blogs you need to find post that you see or understand that they are going to be something big but they were just posted. What I mean by that is that you need to look for powerful blogs with lots of traffic, not just any blog. The blog you are finding must be relevant to the niche you are in and must have a massive amount of traffic. If you don't know how much traffic this blog has than you can check it in the Alexa site that is located at Alexa dot com.

Now that you found the blog that you want to post in to get your free backlink you must look on other posts to see what posts with links in them stay and accepted by the owner because we will do nothing here if your post are getting deleted right after you post it. You must remember that a post with your link to your affiliate page are worthless if you are the 20-50 commenter, it will give you a backlink but you'll not make a sale from a back link, you want to make sales so you need people to view that link and click on it, we are here to make money and not creating backlinks

Now that you know your blog you need to wait for the right moment, you have to be patience and visit this site every day until a new blog post is made. When you see the new blog post this is the moment to hit your bomb, drop a nicely designed post with useful information that will help the blog owner to understand that you are visiting his blog and reading what he has to say everyday and then you need to say something smart that will help the people who read this post and finally drop you link with a nice finish.

Example to a blog post I made about Satellite TV for PC in one of the sites that made me more than 800 bucks in 3 weeks:

I just love to see TV on my PC, but the sad true is most of them are not working like they promise, i spent more that 200$ to check them all, and i found that the best one is INTERNET TV and satellite from:

http dot your cloaked affiliate page dot com

Because it lets you add your own channels, see pay per view channels for free, and more good and helpful options, so i recommend people not to get burned like me, don't spend your money for nothing, this one is working with almost every computer, It worked even on my laptop, and i have a very old laptop.

Hope this helps

Mike G Hersh

You see, I'm just being nice to people and help them because I never promote a product that I know is not working. Don't forget this one, you should never promote a product that don't work because you'll have 2 refunds on 3 sales so it will not be worth your time and in the same time you make people buy something that is not useful so don't do that.

This post was the ST comment in this blog so I got boatloads of traffic from that site. You need to see the potential of the post and only when you know that the topic is really interesting you can post you comment.

This was my 2 cents

The next thread will be about forum posting and how to post smartly.


Mike G Hersh
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    The next thread will be about forum posting and how to post smartly.
    And I bet you won't be brabbing (sic) when you post that one either! :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the laugh - I really needed that today!
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      It's funny your should post this. I have a blog where I review hypnosis products. I posted a new review and my CB link for this brand new product (I am still the only affiliate).

      Within 3 hours, I had a sale.


      ~ Bryan

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      Originally Posted by Mike Hersh View Post

      What do you mean?
      IGNORE it! Some people have nothing better to do but make stupid comments on every post. Your spelling may be off a little but you make good points, thanks for adding value.
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  • Profile picture of the author Micheal Perkins
    McBride was making a joke about the first line of your post. You're talking about people can learn something from you. Then you mention that you don't mean to brag, but instead you wrote "I don't mean to brab."

    So he's having a laugh at you because you end you post telling people your next post will be about forum posting and how to do it smartly. However you missed that misspelling.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mike McBride
    Marhelper, did you actually read the OP?

    I couldn't have cared less about the "brab" if the post had actually been worthwhile, but I'm tired of crap being posted here and misleading newer members who might not know any better.

    First he tells us he's going to give us some "good advice" about blog posting, and in the next paragraph says, "So lets take a look about forum posting." Well, which is it?

    Then he says "this is the moment to hit your bomb, drop a nicely designed post ... " Like the OP?

    He says that in his blog comments he's "being nice to people and help them because I never promote a product that I know is not working. " And his example post, which he claims to have dropped elsewhere, is for Satellite TV on PC. Ironic, or sad?

    The OP is supposed to be about making quality comment posts on other blogs, but is a jumbled mess in itself. THAT'S what I had a problem with, not just the frequent spelling errors and mangled grammar.

    Look, Marhelper, if you're fine with crap posts being foisted on folks here who might not know it's crap, then bully for you. I'd rather see the WF maintain a bit higher quality than that.
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  • Profile picture of the author Colin Evans
    Well done to anybody who managed to wade though the original post and make some sense out of it... It's not something I'd ever teach anybody to do.

    As a blog owner, the only time I'd allow a reply or comment containing an affiliate link is if I knew the person leaving the comment.

    Otherwise the comment gets blitzed, or if the comment is not too bad, I replace the aff link with my own

    It's my blog and I decide what can be said and what links are allowed...

    And I teach other bloggers to do the same - Control what is being said on your blog, and control the outbound links. If somebody tries to be clever with their comments and links...(I'd better not say it)

    Sig not working today - too hung over...

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